03.09.2015: flight from Frankfurt Main, Germany to Sydney, Australia

Arriving at Frankfurt Airport

When I arrived at the airport I realized that I had 6kg to much weight in my luggage. 3kg in my hand luggage and 3 distributed on the backpack and the suitcase. Yes, I had a backpack and a suitcase. I wouldn’t recommend it as a backpacker, try to keep your luggage the little as possible. Well, as I had to get rid of 6kg I got stressed out. I took out a book, a shirt, my new jeans jacket and some other stuff. The moment I left was full of tears. Everyone who came with me to the airport started crying so I couldn’t hold my tears back either. I was going to be away for 8 months.

Frankfurt-Dubai, Dubai- Bangkok, Bangkok-Sydney

In Dubai I had to take a bus from the plane to the terminal. As it was so hot in Dubai the bus ride felt like hours. If you ever travel from Europe to Australia you will have lots of time to sleep in the plane. If you can’t sleep in a plane try to find something to spend the time with. I flew with Emirates and i had lots of entertainment options, such as movies, music, TV series and WIFI so you can stay in touch with your friends and family at home.

Arriving in Sydney

I arrived in Sydney with a delay of 30 minutes and then I had to wait for an hour at the immigration until i finally got out of the airport. My mums friend picked me up and then we went to Wollongong where we stayed at the house of friends. I stayed there for 3 days and then I went to Sydney to meet up with my travel mate in the ‚wakeup hostel‘.


We participated on different tours that the hostel offered such as the beach walk and a sight seeing tour. One day we went to Bondi Beach which is very beautiful but it takes you some time to get there from the CBD. After a week in the ‚wake up hostel‘ we moved to Glebe, which is about 10 minutes by bus from the Railway square station. The hostels name was ‚Rooftop‘. Huge change! The ‚wake up‘ and the ‚rooftop‘ are like two different worlds. It wasn’t that clean, not that modern and there wasn’t a program. I slept awfully. But that was also because I caught a cold because of all the aircon around. Lucky that it was only for one night. Well that's what I thought. The next day my travel mate and I moved back to the Central. But now to the ‚YHA Railway Square‘ which was beautiful. Not as expensive as the ‚wakeup‘ not as cheap as the ‚Rooftop‘ but the price we payed was definitely worth it. If you get a YHA membership you get at least 10% off the price and they’re all over Australia. YHA has tours to offer and they also have weekly programs like barbecues. That’s when I first tried kangaroo. I had a kangaroo burger. You can compare the taste to beef but I felt like it was kind of softer. Unless you don’t eat meat: Try it! We stayed in the ‚YHA‘ for 2 nights and then we moved back to the ‚Rooftop‘ because we wanted to save money. That’s where we stayed for a week until we found another YHA which was in Glebe, too. We payed the same per night as in the ‚Rooftop‘ but it was way cleaner and because we were members we had some free extras like WIFI, one day of a week free pizza and one day free barbecue for the whole length of our stay.

view from 'Rooftop Hostel'


Things to do & see

Beach Walk:

On one of my first days in Sydney I participated on the Beach Walk. First we took a bus from Railway Sqaure to Cogee Beach and then we walked from Cogee Beach to Bondi Beach.You can just do that walk by yourself you don't need to be in a specific tour for that and you can do it the other way around from Bondi Beach to Cogee Beach. So this walk gave me many impressions and I took lots of photos on the way. We had stops at the different beaches and time to rest. If you bring a water bottle theres spots to fill it up for free on the way. We had a longer stop on Bronte Beach, too where we had something to eat. There's a shop where you can buy fish & chips and burgers and they are very nice. When we finished the walk we still had some time to have a look around Bondi and then we took a bus back to Railway Square.

City Walk Panorama Picture with Tour Guide

City Walk:

The city walk was also a free offer from the hostel but there's other free city walks, too. We started in Hyde Park at the ANZAC Memorial. After that we walked through  Hyde Park and headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens. While walking through Hyde Park we saw  Sydney Tower and St. Marys Cathedral. And then we reached the Royal Botanic Gardens. We walked through it and then finally after 6 days in Australia I saw the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. We got closer to the Opera House by walking along Farm Cove. Then we looked around the harbor, walked along Alfred Street and then to a food court.
IMG_1651Opera house by night

Sydney Opera House by night


Sunset with Harbour Bridge


Sydney Tower:

Sydney Tower is close to Hyde Park and Pitt St Mall. You reach it through the Myer shopping center. You pay entry watch a little intro 4D movie about the tower and then you take the elevator which takes you to 'the eye', the panorama windows where you can see the whole city. Theres also options to eat there which is one story above 'the eye' . But theres extra costs. You can also do the Skywalk where you walk over glass 260 meters above the city.

Sydney Eye panorama picture

Luna Park:

Luna Park is in the north of Sydney Harbour on Lavender Bay. It's a theme park where you don't pay a regular entry but entry for every attraction. Theres also pay passes. It's really nice at night because the combination of darkness around and the light of Luna Park gives you a great impression. From the bay of the park you can see the Harbour Bridge.

Manly Beach:

To get to Manly Beach we took a ferry from Sydney Harbour. While we were in Manly there was a street festival so while we were laying at the beach we had some music in the background. To get to the beach we walked pass stores and restaurants. The walk takes about 5 to 10 minutes. As the festival was going on the beach was packed.            


My name is Chiara and I’m from Germany. I’m going to include you in my travels, the preparation I’ve made for them and of course the experiences I’ve had. There are parts of the world that I have already seen but there are others I still want to see. Some entries are going to be about my past travels and some are going to be about the travels I’m currently experiencing. Many photos are not going to be uploaded in the posts because of the size of the photos. Enjoy!