Halloween in New York City

January 1, 1970

by Joe A



The pumpkin season has just started and that means that one of the biggest parties of the year is just around the corner… You’re right… HALLOWEEN IS COMING and is just less than 3 weeks away.

I can’t imagine a better place to celebrate Halloween than the amazing city of New York. As all of us know, New York is the most amazing city of the world for many reasons, including that this city never sleeps! We have heard about New York craziness at some point of our lives; but have you ever experienced it? Do you really know what is going on that day?

Yeah, we all know about the trick-or-treating, attending to incredible costumes parties, house decorations and carving pumpkings into jack-o’-lanterns. But do you there is a lot more to do? Like visiting haunted attractions, apple bobbing and divination games, watching horror films, telling scary stories, playing pranks, etc. Halloween is a huge celebration day, so you better make it worth, right?SH10

In some places in the world, especially Hispanic Countries, like Mexico, the Christians attend to church services and light up candles on people’s grave, to honor and remember them. They eat especial food and some of them avoid eating any kind of meat. I grew up in a Hispanic Country, so believe me when I tell you it’s a big holiday there. However, in some other places in the world, like the United States, it is a more commercial celebration. But do we honestly care about? Let’s be real, we are just looking for another excuse to have fun, be crazy and wild.

We should thank to the universe and all those people that built New York, because this city has everything for an amazing Halloween celebration and I’m going to give you some amazing tips to rock it up on October 31st.

Let’s start with SH11where to get an amazing customer at affordable prices…

There is definitely not a better place than St Mark’s Place, specially on between Third Avenue and Avenue A. St Mark’s Place is well known for his diversity and weird
ness, so I can’t imagine any other place in New York where you can get the wildest costumes. St Marks offers a large variety of stores where you can find $10 wings or a $1000 costumes, depending on your budget and how glamorous you want to be. BE AWARE! You need to be prepared for long lines, since the place is so popular and every New Yorker goes there to find their perfect costume.

So now that your costume is on point, let’s go with the activities… New York city has a diversity of activities. I will tell you some of my favorites from last year.

Visit the Haunted Places

There are a lot of haunted places around New York City, however I’m just going to post my top 3.

1. 85 West 3rd Avenue

Okay, You should start with the West Village since you’re going to be looking for costumes at St Mark Pl. This building was the house of Edgar Allan Poe back in the days, now it’s a NYU building but some people have said they have seen Poe around it. You should definitely check it out, you might find a hot date for Halloween there also. Ha!

2. Hotel Chelsea

This famous hotel has seen many famous people checking in, but some of them have never checked out. Have you hear about Sid Vicious’s girlfriend? Yeah, you know Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols. Well, this was a loooong time ago, but his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, was found stabbed in their bathroom. Months later Sid Vicious was found dead. He had a suicide note saying that he wanted to be buried with Nancy. However, Nancy was Jewish and he was not, so he couldn’t be buried there. Rumors say that his mom throw his ashes own Nancy’s grave so they could be together. Weird, huh? But the creepiest thing is that guests have reported to hear two voices coming from room 100 and when they go and check, room is empty. Scaryyy!

Another famous story is about the famous poet, Dylan Thomas. He was sharing some quality time with his girlfriend at the hotel when he was feeling pretty sick. He was admitted at St Vincent’s Hospital and days later he passed away. Long story short, some folks have said that they have seen him wondering around his old hotel room, 206.

These are only the 2 most famous stories about the hotel, and it’s okay if you don’t believe me, but I felt some weird stuff just by walking in front of the Hotel. You’re welcome to check in on any of those rooms and tell me your experience later.

3. Belasco Theater

The Belasco Theater is located at 111 W 44th st., and even though you can’t see famous Broadway shows there, the theater is famous for a not so hidden secret. The story says that David Belasco (the owner) and Blue lady (his partner) used to lived in an apartment above the theater. Both of them passed away a years ago. However, some people say that you can witness them in stage while watching the show. Do you imagine watching a Broadway show and suddenly see their presence? Scary, huh?

***BONUS: Amityville Horror House

Oh, I know, it’s not in the city but you know, it’s still in the State and If you don’t mind going outside the city and get a train to Long Island, then this is your chance to visit the House that has inspired 17 horror movies so far. All there occupants were murdered here. The house is beautiful but it’s been on the market since forever because of its reputation. If it has a movie, maybe is worth visiting, right?

Well, enough with the scary places. Let’s talk about some activities you might find interesting.

Halloween Activities Around The City

1. Haunted High Line Halloween

The High Line is amazing by itself. You get to walk from Chelsea all the way down to MeatPacking and vice versa. You can find amazing hidden gems while walking it. And they obviously host a lot of free events during different seasons, so you are definitely going to find something for this season. On Saturday Oct. 29 2016, this elevated park will turn into a Halloween festival. Be aware, it’s a family-friendly festival, so there’s going to be a lot of families around, but if you don’t have any plans then you might just check it. You can find a lot of activities like face painting, photo booth, dance performers and live music. They have a Ghost Tunnel tour where you can help a Cowboy to find his horse. You can have some snacks later if you get hungy, the park will have a lot of food trucks. IMG_0421

2. Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest

If you’re in love with dogs as much as I do, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity. This is another family-friendly event. You will find thousands of dogs walking around with the most funny or scary costumes. Kids playing, music and food everywhere. Make a stop at Fort Greene Park on Oct. 30 2016 at 11:30 am!

3. Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Flotilla

This is definitely one of my favorites and it’s because is located on one of my favorite parks ever. Yes! You guessed it right… Central Park! I have been to many of the events there and I never get disappointed. You get to hear ghost stories, see the costume parade, and crave pumpkins. If you’re lucky enough then your pumpkin will take a sail across the Harlem Meer when the sun is coming down. It’s happening on Oct 30, so make sure to mark it on your calendar!

***BONUS: Village Halloween Parade

DO NOT even think about missing this one! I don’t even know why I’m mention it at the end. But this is a must to do for Halloween in the City. Thousands of people come together with their Halloween costume on October 31, 2016 and typically goes from 7–11pm. It goes all the way from 6th Avenue (Broadway Ave.) from Spring st to 16th st. Parade ends at Union Square. People will go crazy and dance at the park, will take photos of everyone, make new friends, see where’s the party and then the after party. In case you didn’t have any plans before.


It doesn’t really matter what kind of party do you like, New York can offer you E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. But since I’m into low budget, I’ll just give you a few parties that are suuuuuuper cheap.

1. The Headless Horseman: Halloween

It’s a Hollow-inspired tavern. You will find flaming lanterns, and open bar and a DJ. It has the vibe of a New England bar. They say that it’s gonna be so thrilled that you will lose your head. Dress code? Are we even thinking about it? It’s obviously a Halloween costume! The best part? Tickets start at $10. I went there last year and it was fun! The party is on Saturday Oct. 29, so it’s a perfect excuse to party all weekend for cheap. The bar is located at 119 E 15th St.

IMG_04732. Gansevoort Park Rooftop: Penthouse of Peril

Did someone just say rooftop? I am the Queen of the rooftops in NYC. I’ve been to every single rooftop in this city. (Or at least 90%), so having a rooftop for Halloween is A-WE-SO-ME! This venue has hosted a Halloween party for six years now, and I’ve never heard about any bad comment of it, so it’s definitely worth your time. The venue creates a maze of rooms, every room is a private bar, live DJ and amazing lighting. The best part? Wait for it! Once you get tired of dancing and drinking like crazy, you can go outside for some fresh air and have an amazing view of the Empire State. How many likes is your picture with a Halloween costume in front of the Empire State going to get? You’re going to make everyone jealous, hun! The party is on Saturday Oct. 29 at 420 Park Ave and tickets start at $20.

3. Good Room: Fixed Halloween with SURVIVE

Are you a fan of the new Netflix series Stranger Things? I bet you are. GOT ended and we didn’t have anything worth to see after Jon Snow saving Winterland. But Netflix came to our rescue with Strange Things. Why am I mention this? Well, because S U R V I V E is the band behind the Strange Things’ main theme. So you don’t want to miss the opportunity of watching LIVE! The fixed parties have a reputation of being incredible. And if you want to see where all the cool kids hang out nowadays in NYC, then you better go to Brooklyn. Tickets are $10 advance or $15 at door. Event is on Oct 31 and starts at 9 pm.  98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn. So go and hang out in Brooklyn for the night!

If you’re coming to the United States and it happens that you’re in New York for this dates, don’t forget to check this cool places/events. Hope I could help you with your Halloween plans, and remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the city that never sleeps!

Don’t forget that NYC traffic is crazy enough and it gets worse on Festivities. So you better be using your metrocard that night! Cheers!

Joe A

By Joe A

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