Gold Coast Australia, A home among the Gum Trees



“Give me a home among the gumtrees

With lots of plum trees

A sheep or two, a k-kangaroo

A clothesline out the back

Verandah out the front

And an old rocking chair”

(B. Brown/W. Johnson, Home Among the Gumtrees)


I’m sure we’ve all heard that song, A Home Among The GumTrees by John Williamson, well that’s Australia all wrapped into just 5 words!

Australia, the Country and home of translucent green oceans and warm sand beneath your footprints, rainforests crawling with animal life and the continuous scent of a warm summers rain, mountains of green and blue overcome with plantation and many towns full of beautiful, kind heated souls that will always welcome you with a smile.


Australia is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever visited , not only is it stunning, but everything about this place is soothing and calming, it’s a place full of life and soul, a place you could happily raise your children. We decided to take a trip to Gold Coast City , one of Australia’s most popular cities. In November of 2016 we headed up Mount Tambourine, a popular mountain destination where you will find numerous gorgeously unique cafés, bush walk areas, scenic views and plenty of wonderful things to admire, but the one must see spot in Mount Tambourine would most definitely be Curtis Falls.


Curtis falls is a walking track through Tambourine Mountain National Park, it is a 1.5km return and the view is most worth it. You will walk on a glorious descent through a walk-through rainforest to reach an enormous pool. You will be surrounded with a stunning view of the waterfall and large rockfaces amongst some gorgeous greenery and animal life. A few steps ahead you will find a spectacular settlement of glow worms inside a restricted cave at the very bottom of the falls. Swimming is prohibited although who needs to swim when the view is just incredible. Take your camera down and snap a few shots, the greenery is just perfection! If you enjoy hinterland and beautiful scenery this is a must stop destination. We snapped a few pics along the way and breathed in the beauty.


After a scenic walk, you may feel a little peckish but fear not, Tea & Niceties is at the very front of the car park where you can go for an elegant high tea with some great food and drink options which won’t break the budget. The 5 of us huddled around a large table just outside the café and indulged in sandwiches, thick shakes, potato wedges and some good ol’ Aussie burgers!  This place is extremely popular for newlyweds for the striking scenery, it also holds a cute little swing intertwined with pink and white flowers, a great spot for some touristy photographs!



Driving a little further you will also find places such as Cedar Creek falls and the Thunder bird park. Cedar Creek falls is another great rainforest destination, come here on a hot day and explore the waterfalls very own rock pools. There are a few worthwhile look outs on your way down, it is only a short walk until you can rest your feet up and indulge in the fresh water. We decided to take a trip down on a warm Springs day, the walk wasn’t overly taxing and we swam in the rock pools for quite some time before we made our way back up. Be wary of the moss on the rocks though! We had the pleasure of witnessing our friend slip and fall in 😉 it was a good laugh but probably not the safest haha! It is certainly a popular destination although it wasn’t overly crowded and there was enough space to enjoy your own time and take some real time out.


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We swam for a few hours until we were pruny and salty, please bring sunscreen though as you tend to forget the heat of the sun when it’s just so beautiful in the water. Byron Beaches are certainly a must see.


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If you aren’t there for the beach however The Lighthouse is one of the most popular destinations throughout Byron. Cape Byron Light is 3 kilometres’ northeast of the main Byron Bay town and is said to be Australia’s most powerful lighthouse. There are two options, you can drive to the top and attempt to fight for a park and pay $20 for parking if you are lucky enough to get one that is, or you can do the lighthouse walk which comes with some beautiful lookouts and gorgeous scenery along the way. I would strongly suggest the walk as it is worth it for the stunning viewpoints and the photographed memories! This was definitely my favourite destination of  all.


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