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My experience is like so many others, except I was too impoverished to do the Asia part. All I could afford, was a lot of hope and a one way ticket from Dublin to Syndey. I will never change my journey. I sincerely believe that our life’s path happens exactly the way it is supposed to. We are the makers of our own destiny and all those other cliché sayings, and I made my choices, because at the time they were the right things for me to do. Now settled in the Northern Territory, I find myself constantly reviving memories of my beginnings in Australia, and the euphoria I felt every time I did something that was so foreign in comparison to my old life. Little things, like going to the beach on a Saturday and seeing the Opera house for the first time were events that will be forever treasured. Eventually though, that life buzz started to fade and I began to get itchy feet. Perhaps I was premature in my boredom; I am a commitment phobe by nature; if I could have been born an inanimate object, it would have been a balloon so I could float away. I am a loner in the least weird sense, so if there was no job and boyfriend, I would happily pack a bag, ditch the phone and get lost in the world.


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My words of advice for anyone that goes travelling is to do what they want to do. I followed this mantra at the start but got lost somewhere in the middle. I originally was supposed to travel with a friend but they couldn’t commit so I made the decision to go it alone. I will be forever proud that I did this and believe in hindsight that it is the way my journey was supposed to be. I have learned that I do not have to be constantly packing a bag and moving to embody all that travel is. However, I do know that a fierce sense of independence is necessary. One’s path in life is exactly as it should be because of their choices; and no –one else’s. If you do not divert off the course that everyone is taking because you are scared, you are not in control. And nothing will change. Wherever you choose to travel, or settle for that matter, think about seeking out new experiences, new people, even a new way of just getting to work. While I look back at all of my travels with fondness, my only regret is that I wasn’t braver at times. There were occasions when I didn’t try a new restaurant or go to an aquarium because I had no one to go with me. I should have gone myself. I know this now; I implement this into my life and this for me is the fundamental purpose of a traveller – chasing new experiences for themselves. And no-one else.








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