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Best Travel Toothbrush for multi-day trekking

Toob Toothbrush - - ASSORTED by Aurelle

Premium toothbrush. Refillable toothpaste tube. Protective case.;Rinse cup. Imported.

Things To Consider when buying a Travel Toothbrush


Depending on where you are going, you either have a lot of space in your toiletry bag, or you are trying to save space.  Your toothbrush can range from big electrical ones or small compact ones.  Keep in mind, you also need to think of the size of your toothpaste or else your toothbrush is useless!

Shape of Brush

The one terrible thing about cheap toothbrushes is that they are always in a shape that doesn't allow the user to brush their teeth at the very back thoroughly.  The shape really matters if you don't want cavities after a trip.       

Flight Duration

Is your flight longer than ten hours or is an overnight flight?  Those who want to stay refreshed usually brush their teeth before they land or in the washroom at the arrival airport.  Instead of searching through your check-in bags for your toiletries, a smaller compact toothbrush is ideal for your onboard needs.  


How long do you want your toothbrush to last for?  Do you have time to buy one every trip?  You can switch to your trip specific toothbrush and re-use it until it has been used enough if you find one with quality instead of purchasing low-quality toothbrushes every time you go on a trip.  



What makes this the best Travel Toothbrush?

This toothbrush/toothpaste set is such a genius invention! Usually, if you want to keep things light, you'll purchase a low-quality toothbrush that lasts for 20 brushes and a small expensive travel size tube of toothpaste that will most likely forget about after your trip.  I've always found it really annoying to have to purchase a new tube every time I go on a trip just so I can have enough toothpaste because sometimes a used tube will not be. 

This particular set, however, consists of a changeable toothbrush head and a refillable toothpaste tube!  The refillable toothpaste is a great thing to have when you need to keep your gear light.  You should keep the tube at least 5% full so that the plastic does not rip.  The toothbrush itself is very light and compact with toothpaste as the actual handle of the toothbrush.  You are maximizing the use of space in every way possible.

Lastly, the protective travel case is not too bulky or heavy.  It fits right over the toothbrush and no extra space is taken up.  This case is better than the one-time use cover that only covers the bristles of the toothbrush as you can ensure nothing will get inside.

I took this toothbrush with me for my Everest Base Camp hike in Nepal and found this to be the perfect addition.  The tube of toothpaste lasted me for 14 days and I was able to reach the back of my wisdom teeth with the toothbrush.  The bristles are a bit hard, but it is better to get plaque off your teeth that way.     


Who makes this Travel Toothbrush?

Toob Travel Toothbrush – The toothbrush with everything you need to use it, built inside.

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Travel Toiletry Bag for Bathroom Essentials - Hanging Dopp Kit Organizer Wash Case with Suction Cup Toothbrush Holder - TSA Friendly Zipper and Handle

by Gear District
Having trouble keeping your things organized when you travel? Whether you're leaving for a short weekend trip or embarking on a longer adventure, the Gear District travel toiletry case is a packing essential. This toiletry bag is the safest way to protect your luggage from liquid cleansers, sharp razors, and sticks of deodorant. It is also great for staying organized, with a large compartment for everything from contacts to shampoo, a small mesh zipper pocket inside for small items and another zipper pocket on the outside for quick access. What is even better is that it is crafted to protect against leaks, and has a waterproof coating. The travel case comes with a BONUS toothbrush holder with suction cup which sticks on any surface, saving you countertop space, and which holds up to 4 toothbrushes. And you will also receive a bonus E-book with tips and tricks for easier packing. The bag measures 9.25 L x 4.72 W x 4.72 H inches / 23.5 L x 12 W x 12 H cm, and has a volume of 3.3 L. Gear District offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Travel Toiletry Bag and if it does not exceed your expectations, we will replace it or refund your money with no questions asked within 90-days of purchase. Make your life easy by organizing all of your toiletries in one bag for easy access and easy packing! Order NOW!

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Leak Proof Silicone Travel Bottles Showpin Toiletry Bottles TSA Approved BPA Free Squeezable Refillable Travel Containers for Shampoo/Liquids with Cosmetic Jar&Toothbrush Cover(6 Pack,3oz+0.7oz)

TSA Approved, BPA free, High Quality Food Grade Protable Silicone Travel Bottle ☆ This travel bottles are soft squeezable, rugged silicone liquid transport bottles perfect for business or personal travel, fun outdoors, and much more. ☆ Made From silicone which is More resistant to heat and cold that plastic and less susceptible to breakage. ☆ They are food grade they can be used for your lunchbox for salad dressing, ketchup/mustard etc. ☆ The large opening makes it easy to fill and clean, and a ID panel on the collar for labeling helps you remember what's inside. ☆ Reliable sealing designed so thin liquids such as mouthwash will not flow out. Don't wait until you are packing your bags. Features ☆ TSA Carry-on Airline Aprroved ☆ with whole liquid injection processing, zero pollution ☆ Soft and feel good to touch with perfect joint line ☆ Easy to refill and wash again ☆ 4+2 pack is a perfect combination for travelling ☆ Separable for the cap and tube body ☆ Duration, Squeezable, Portable, Carry-on Airline Aprroved ☆ No-drip Value and Leak-proof design Quick Details ☆ Material: Silicone ☆ Industrial Use: Personal Care ☆ Use: Skin Care Cream ☆ Sealing Type: Crown Cap ☆ Surface Handling: Screen Printing ☆ Technology: Blow Molding ☆ Capacity: 3oz/89ml Pakege Detail 4 x Silicone Travel Bottle(4 colors of Pink,Blue,White,Black;3oz/89ml) 1 x Silicone Cream Jar 1 x Silicone Toothbrush Cover 1 x New Durable Zip Bag(6.7x5.5x2inch)

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KAIROS-GO Ultimate 6-Piece Travel Toiletry Bottles Set –4x 3oz Leakproof & TSA-Approved Silicone Squeeze Liquid Containers, Portable Toothbrush Holder & Cream/Pills Jar In Clear Carryon Case

Here's The #1 Travel-Hack That Will Save You From Hours In TSA Lines & Messy Accidents! Looking for an easy and convenient way to carry all your shampoos, lotions or conditioners on your business trips? Need a TSA-approved toiletry kit for your creams and medicine? Introducing The Ultimate 6-Piece Travel Toiletry Bottles Set By KAIROS-GO! No need to throw away your expensive lotions or leave your favorite shampoo at home since you can easily fill our super-handy silicone travel toiletry bottles with your conditioner, lotion or beauty cream and enjoy a care-free trip!The premium silicone material combined with the innovative flexible design and safe wide-mouth will keep any liquid safe and secure inside your suitcase or carryon handbag. And the best part? Our ergonomic 3 oz travel toiletry bottles are 100% leak-proof, so you don't have to worry about shampoo explosions ruining your clothes or souvenirs!Here's What You Get By Choosing The KAIROS-GO All-In-One Travel Toiletry Solution: 4 x 3oz (89ml)Refillable & Washable Silicone Squeeze Travel Bottles 1 x Super-convenient Toothbrush Protector Travel Holder 1 x Handy Cream/Pill Jar 1 x Compact & Heavy-Duty Clear Travel Toiletry Bag Still Wondering If The KAIROS-GO Luxurious Travel Toiletry Kit Is What You Need?It's TSA-Approved and complies with airline regulationsIt's dishwasher-safe, reusable, BPA-free and made of food-grade siliconeIt's the most thoughtful gift for people who are always on-the-go! Don't Leave Home Without Your Toiletry Kit!Ideal for flying, sailing,backpacking, camping and RVing, the KAIROS-GO toiletry bottles set will make your life easier and your next adventure 100% accident-free!What Are You Waiting For? Click "Add To Cart"Now While Supplies Last!

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