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How often hear people say: You’re going to Colombia? You have to be very careful !!, people are dangerous, do not trust anyone, check thousand times that you will not take drugs and drug word in each sentence, but the reality is that I live in Mexico and there is nothing to me scared haha ​​not true. The truth is that I preferred to think that every place has its good and bad side in Mexico and just happens that you must know which places to go and which not, in which you have to be more cautious and which are worth taking the risk … So I did, I let go by my instinct and decided to buy my flight to the city of which I spoke so proudly my Colombian friends.

I have to say that it took five years so he could go to Colombia, each year I promised my friend Nataly he was going to go visit but every year I had something that would not let me, as another trip for example : P

Once while in Bogota I realized that I could not have taken better decision, I did not know how many paradises waiting for me! Among them, a beautiful place called Valley of Cocora in Salento, the coffee area, national park coffee and beautiful colonial villages. So if you are like me, who prefer places that are beautiful by nature and not by its buildings, I recommend the tour I did.

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You have to take a bus at the bus station in Bogota, I take ‘Bolivarian’ because they said it was the best in terms of service and price but not always, there are drivers who sometimes over sold tickets and then goes people without seat is just luck and as they say that the Bolivarian is the best choice, do not risk taking a second.

The price of the buses in Colombia to go from one city to another is very cheap! This Bolivarian cost: $ 53,000 COP and make about 7 hours to get the distance is relatively short but like pure mountains, is pure rodeadero, so take your motion sickness pills, I bought some buenisimas in Colombia are called “Mareol” as Nataly said, ‘Those pastas do not let anything! And if you are traveling at night you sleep better because the whole trip and did you learn anything.


Armenia- Coffee Zone

Armenia is the capital of Quindio, and has buses that run directly to several important points that are very close, one to 45 minutes, is the National Coffee Park.

Parque Nacional del Cafe

Armenia, I had to take a bus to Calarca (which is 15 minutes), because I was fortunate to stay with my friend Nataly aunt who lives there and greeted me like a niece else in your family, and I I also felt like home.Fortunately in Armenia there are inns and hotels that are not as expensive compared to other cities. I recommend staying at least one night here because it’s tiring trip from Bogota and because it is important to devote an entire day to explore the coffee region and leave in the morning, but also the option to continue. Here I leave a link so you look according to what suits you best.


From Armenia bus station there is a bus that goes straight to the National Coffee Park, runs every 15 minutes and cost $ 4000 COP, Park station is called 20 minutes ago Montenegro and the bus to arrive. Once in the park you will spot a host of activities to do, but are well worth.

Economic ticket costs $ 25,000 COP and includes a walking tour of the huge park, where you will discover the history of coffee, its production process and the formation of the National Federation of Coffee in an interactive way, since there are videos and characters who are telling you everything, you can taste the delicious coffee while you go through trails, a beautiful bambusario, a suspension bridge, an Indian cemetery and forests of myths and legends, climb the lookout tower, the cable car and get the best view of all the coffee area!

The ticket “7 things” includes all the above activities, only 7 more able to choose among which are the rides as the rollercoaster, water coaster, bumper cars, carousel, etc. This ticket costs $ 49,000 COP. And there is the multi-entry, which costs $ 59,000 COP and includes all activities, but here I leave the park to the page you see the other activities and organizing your package will go now.


coffe zone


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Salento-Valle Del Cocora

Cocora Valley


Ten meant one more day to go to Salento, a distinguished and beautiful town full of colors that you’ll love.

town of Salento

In Armenia bus station there is a bus that goes straight, costs about $ 8,000 to about 45 minutes ago in coming. Once in Salento you have to try the famous trout and is a good place to buy coffee and crafts, walking through the village until you reach a viewpoint of 253 steps worth it for the panoramic view of the Colombian Andes.

A paradise called Cocora Valley is very close to Salento but necessarily have to reach the people as the starting point. From the main square are some jeeps that go straight to the Cocora Valley. This paradise is a mountainous valley, home of Colombia’s national tree: the wax palm and is really not going to see anywhere else, it’s such a tall, slender palm tree that can grow to 60 meters. You can walk the walk or ride valley, the views are spectacular from any point. I recommend wearing special shoes for walking, hat, sunscreen and water because it’s really hot and the path is long.Otherwise you tried trout in the town of Salento, here are also restaurants where trout is very good, as the trout occurs in the nearby river.

There is a 3 km route you can take to the snowy Tolima, it is advisable to go with a guide, is not a bad idea to carry a GPS as the route is a bit complicated. Everything is signposted and there are places where you can camp along the route that cost $ 8,000 COP but if you decide to return to Cocora Valley the same day must take into account that the jeeps are available until 4 pm.


Botanical Garden And Butterfly .




To further explore the nature of Colombia, I decided to go to the botanical garden of Calarca, my starting point was always that but as I mentioned before, Calarca is 15 minutes from Armenia and arrive by bus, there is lost because at the station always there a senior shouting Calarca !, Calarcaaaa !. A local bus or a taxi will cost the same to reach the garden: $ 3,000 COP

The botanical garden’s main objective is to preserve 850 species of native plants and research on their ecology and uses, there are specialized biologists who will be your guides to better understand about these plants, including different types of bamboo, palms and beautiful Colombian orchids.

The butterfly is unique in the world and is shaped like a butterfly, there is a viewpoint where you can appreciate it from above and once inside, marveling sticking beauty and warmth that gives you this scenario, butterflies of all types and colors flying over your shoulders, you’ll feed them and watch the process of its evolution. I do not know the men, but women love us to be surrounded by them and feel part of the story.

butterfly maze

In itself, the area of ​​Quindio opened the door to new vistas, find places you never imagined, I never thought people would be part of my family, not just the area where the coffee comes from Colombia, is the area where the answer is born the question is worth leaving everything for the promise of going to Colombia?

You’ll know which is …

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