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The Golden Nugget hotel room beds!

The Golden Nugget hotel room beds!

You’ve done it. You’re here in Sin city; the only problem is you’re on borrowed time. For anyone that only has a couple of days in Las Vegas this article is for you, here is a list of what you absolutely must do before you leave in 2 days feeling very worse for wear, but also that you’ve kicked Vegas’ butt.


Whichever hotel you pick it won’t really matter, you’ll spend the majority of you time outside the hotel room. However almost all of the hotels in Las Vegas are stunning, even the more budget hotels. I stayed in the Golden Nugget hotel, which isn’t on the strip but downtown, but boy did we think we’d hit the jackpot with it. My friends and I had an adjoining room, which for Vegas was pre drink party central. For a hotel that wasn’t on the strip it was still stunning, boasting 2419 rooms, a casino, numerous restaurants, spa, a pool and incredibly a water slide that goes through a shark tank, so if you want to see a shark up close and personal, the Golden Nugget is for you.



To make the most of your time you need to visit as many of the hotels and casinos that you can manage. If you’re on a budget you don’t need to gamble in each one, just observing in Las Vegas is enough; you will see some sights believe me. You’ll be spoilt for choice on where to start off, start with the most renowned hotel, Caesar’s Palace. As soon as you enter the hotel you’ll be reminded of the countless films the hotel has been featured in, like Ocean’s eleven. If you want to drink as well as gamble, set yourself up at one of the tables, if you’re gambling you get free drinks, an incredibly clever incentive. Be wary of that though, and after a few free vodka’s you’ll think those 100 dollar bills are 10’s and before you know it you’ll be spent out.

In two days you might not be able to properly visit every hotel; here are a few to get you started.

The Venetian- Be transported away from America into Italy and see the beauty of this hotel, there are beautiful murals on the ceiling and you’ll find yourself walking around open mouthed, actually taken in by the charm of this place. There is also a canal in the middle of the hotel that will actually make you feel like you’ve stepped into Venice. There are gondola rides available for a small amount, definitely worth saying you’ve done.

  • Paris- Las Vegas unmistakably has the theme of significant landmarks from all around the world, this hotel is no different. You’ll spot the Eiffel tower on your walk down the strip, if you aren’t visiting France anytime soon, get your Eiffel tower picture here in Vegas, nobody will ever know… The hotel also has an indoor street that is modelled on Paris and a rooftop pool if you need to cool down from the intense Nevada heat.
  • Luxor- This hotel is based on an Egyptian theme and is built as a pyramid.  It will be immediately noticeable as this hotel is on a grand scale with an Egyptian statue outside and smaller sphinx statues inside. The Egyptian theme is continued throughout the hotel with each hotel room having those qualities.
  • My personal favourite is The Bellagio- this hotel is Italian themed and its centre piece is the fountains at the front. This is where the most beautiful fountain show takes place, this happens every half an hour during the week. The show is a combination of the fountains, light and music, it is utterly breathtaking and is a must see for Las Vegas! People come from all over the world to see this display and it truly is worth it.
    Bellagio fountains!

    Bellagio fountains!


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Is there more to do in Vegas than just gambling? Of course my friend! Las Vegas is a place that many get caught up in and end up staying weeks, there is tons to do. If gambling isn’t your thing, well first you’re probably in the wrong place, but there are still other activities to do.

  • Clubbing- This is something else Vegas is renowned for, its party central and here is a suggestion for your break. It doesn’t matter what night you’re here, every night in Vegas is a Saturday night. One club I went to was actually in the Bellagio, it’s called Hyde. My friend and I struck the jackpot, when we went it was ladies night! We got free entry and 7 free drinks between us! That would normally cost around $100 and we got it all for free. The club filled up in the few hours we were there, it was something out of a movie with glamorous people everywhere. You can even see the Bellagio fountain show from the club, an added bonus.
  • Party bus tour- I only had 2 days in Vegas and I needed to make the most of it. The way to do this is via a tour, and what better tour than a party bus! We had several stops along the way including The Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love, The Las Vegas sign(where we saw someone propose) and the Bellagio fountains. This is a good way to see the main tourist attractions that Vegas have to offer.
    Las Vegas party bus!!

    Las Vegas party bus!!

Shows- Las Vegas is famous for it’s high quality shows that are on. They are on all year round, if you plan on going to a popular one then you may need to book in advance. When I went to Vegas an extremely popular show on was Thunder from down under. A male strip show, Magic Mike has escalated male stripping to the masses, needless to say the show was sold out every night.

Las Vegas can be done in 2 days or 2 weeks. It is a magical place and somewhere that is completely unique. No matter how long you are there for you will enjoy it, I can guarantee that. If you’re walking home in the early hours, with the clothes you had on from the night before and you’re still up for round 2 in a few hours, then you have conquered Vegas, and that is something to be very very proud of.


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