China : The beauty of RED

In China

My 3N4D trip in China!


Hi there,

This is my first post on my new travel page!

I am so excited to share my travel story and pictures with you guys =)

How did my travel begin?

I always wanted to go traveling since i was young. Unfortunately, i couldn’t afford as i was a student who had no regular income at all.

So, I made a plan to start traveling after graduating from high school and decided not to go to university to achieve my goal. My teacher said i will be a loser in my future as i decided not to go to university. However, i didn’t really care about what he said as i knew i will definitively achieve my goal. (and i did!)

Anyway, i’m so thankful to have my parents who always support me whatever i do!

After graduating from my high-school, i started looking for a job and had a great chance to work at the small hotel as a receptionist. It was such a good experience for me to work at the hotel as i met a lot of people from different countries! All of them were nice and friendly. I was really happy to have a conversation with foreigners even though my English wasn’t good! haha.

I worked there for 4 months and quit as i saved enough money to travel. I was wondering where i should travel before going to Australia. Then, one country that i never ever thought of came to my mind. It was China!

One of the reasons why i decided to travel to China was the cheap flight. The return ticket cost me around $300. Such a good place to travel!

As it was my very first trip, i didn’t know what i should pack. However, My suit case ended up being full of my stuffs. Oops!




Even though it was my first trip, everything went well at the airport.

I took a plane, had a seat and enjoyed the view from the window.

I will never forget how beautiful the view was!



(Well, it doesn’t look that good in this picture tho.)


1 day in Shaghai


After flying for 2 hours, i finally landed in Shanghai, China!



It was such a beautiful place and bigger than i thought! Buildings are tall.

People are busy … There were a lot of restaurants, brand shops, shopping centers for tourists …




I was embarrassed that i always thought China is not a good country to travel as there were a lot of incidents happened and the reputation of the country was pretty bad. After this trip, However, i totally changed my mind. China is such a wonderful country. Trust me =)

After having a quick dinner in the town, i went to have a look at Waitan. The view of Waitan definitely fascinated people.




I love rivers. I used to live in a place where was by the river.

Also, I used to go fishing with my dad by the river. Looking at the river reminds me of these memories.

2nd Day in Shanghai




The second day in China happily began.

I stayed in a small inn that was quite good. I had a good sleep. It was such a good day to start my day with!







Had dumpling for a quick lunch! They were very tasty!

I wish i could have them in Korea as well =) The price of food in China was reasonable.


3rd day in Shanghai



It was the day i was headed to Hangzhou which is 2 hours away from Shanghai.

I took a train to go to Hangzhou and found something interesting in the train.

Chinese people seemed to enjoy eating sunflower seed a lot.

They ate them quickly like a squirrel! I tried to eat like them but failed. :) I should have practiced more.



I landed in Hangzhou. I’m sure everyone heard about West Lake in Hangzhou.

It became famous because people do believe that beautiful women live there.




Both day time & night view of West Lake are really beautiful.

West Lake was one of my favorite places in China. I will definitely go back to West Lake if i have a chance to travel to China again.

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The best thing to eat in China



Had Qung Bao Chicken and Mapo Bean curd for dinner!

I’d like to recommend anyone who is planing to go to China to try Qung bao chicken in China.

It’s always on the top of my food list.




Back to the city after had a good time in Hangzhou.






Had a noodle dish for early breakfast. Well, definitely it wasn’t my type of food.

Menu was written in Chinese so there was no way that i could understand the menu.




Dumplings were always good! They were juicy and tasty! Yum!

Trying dumplings is a must in China!




Well, you guys might think it’s a bit crazy to eat Mcdonalds while traveling?!

Come on! Chinese Mcdonalds is totally different compared to other Mcdonalds!

Can you believe that they sell curry burger? =) and having curry burger with hot chocolate was like …. =(

I would not recommend you guys to try that.



Sorry, i’m not sure about the name of this dish. But it was soooo good.

If anyone of you knows what this dish is, please let me know!


The last day of trip began. Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to Shanghai.

I went back to Waitan again to enjoy the daytime view. It was still pretty.

I was sad as time here went so quickly and i had a lot of good memories that i will never forget.






I easily saw a lot of people riding a bicycle.

I think it’s because of the heavy traffic jam (?)




My Chinese friend left this message to me.

I guess this means “There is always a way to achieve dream.”

I wish i could speak Chinese even a little bit so that i can have a good conversation with Chinese people who i met on my trip. Learning new languages is definitely not easy but so useful!




My 3N4D China trip in April happily ended. I’ve met nice & friendly people and been to beautiful places.

Air-pollution in China was stronger than i thought. But, it was worth traveling there.

I think of China every April.

Hope i will be there anytime soon.



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