Chennai – City of Emotions!

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Chennai, India – The City of Emotions.

This being my first writing adventure , its only fair that I write about a city that’s close to my heart – Chennai formerly known as Madras. The city which made me who I am or rather what I am today . Its been approximately 7500 days since I first laid eyes on this exquisite city and even today it continues to amaze me with its changing architecture , the unbelievably caring people , and above all the dynamic between the emotions of the people and the city. Speaking from a tourist point of view the city offers a multitude of options for entertainment , relaxing , and even quaint places for getaways.The highlights of the city include the Marina beach which is considered to be the World’s longest urban beach, the Madras Port which is the 2nd largest port in the country, Multiple hotels one can indulge from 7 star hotels to equally astonishing street food,  We also have a wide array of art galleries , museums , monuments for the art appreciators .One can also indulge in the variety of events , concerts , lectures and performances happening in the city. The city offers shopping destinations which include the whole sale market and the high end retailers. There are temples , churches and mosques to renew your spirituality. The main pride of Chennai apart from the hearts of the people that reside here are the breath-taking beaches . Chennai is home to the mighty Marina, the elegant Elliot’s beach, and the Rock beach.

THE MARINA , Chennai

 The Marina is the crown jewel of Chennai. There are various activities that are part of the experience at Marina. For someone who is new in town the horse riding , balloon shooting, a ride on the merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel are some of the must-dos at the beach. The must try delicacies encompass the spicy raw mango, roasted corn on the cob and the authentic fritters prepared by the locals. There are several landmarks along the stretch of the beach the first and foremost being the light house which gives you a 360 degree view of the city and the

A glimpse - The City of Dreams.

A glimpse – The City of Dreams, Chennai.

Bay of Bengal .  When you are a regular at the Marina there are a few things you tend to discover, So if you are keen on having the native experience do checkout The Titanic. Its a small street stall that serves you all the local delicacies . They are pocket friendly, provide amazing food and experience. If you are an early riser , the sunrise at the Marina is the highlight of entire experience. But if you are a night owl you should try the sky filled with stars at night is equally an enchanting encounter. Some of the other experiences fortune tellers, palm readers and novelty sellers. Surrounding the beach there are assorted institutions. You can visit one of the oldest universities The Madras University or the Aquarium which has a splendid range of tropical sea and fresh water fish. The Vivekananda house and Museum is also an interesting choice. The Marina also hosts lots of events throughout the year from marathons to competitions. Due to is vast nature its perfect for hosting large events as well as small events.

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Elliot’s beach at Besant nagar is colloquially known as Bessie or the lovers beach. If long walks by the ocean is your idea of a date then this is the place for you . The quite and calm aura gives you a sense of serenity and privacy. The entire stretch of the shore is filled with cafes, restaurants, beach houses both high end and economic. They also do offer horse-riding and fortune tellers. There is a food court at the end of the beach with an array of entertainment options for both kids as well as adults. The highlights of the beach is that it forms a perfect get away for youngsters as well as the elderly.

Shot by the Sea Shore.

Shot by the Sea Shore, Chennai.

In the morning you can witness people of all age , size and shape join together in their daily routine. The beach proves home to multiple fields for their practice ranging from sports , dance, yoga and many others. The must-dos include the triple patty burger at Pupils , Coffee by the coast at Costa Coffee , Take a picture by the Karl Schmidt Memorial and Gaze into the horizon.

Elliot's Beach - Bessie

Elliot’s Beach – Bessie , Chennai.

Elliot’s Beach does take the trophy in being the cleanest beach.It has an unique aura of serendipity. And further more several other landmarks like temples , churches and monuments are at a close from Bessie. Bessie also hosts a wide range of events. Although Bessie is comparatively smaller than Marina it is in its own way idiosyncratic and has it charm.

Due to the climatic conditions the ideal time to visit during the day would be the morning – up until 11:00 am and evenings after 4:00 pm and During the year would be from November to February.

Yes , like every other thing in life there are flaws to both the beaches. The Marina could be maintained a lot better .There are measures being taken to improve the quality of experience at the Marina. The Elliot’s beach is on the expensive end. But for all you budget travelers there is always room for pocket friendly yet  amazing experience at both Marina and Bessie.

Every beach in the world evokes a different emotion. Some make you nostalgic others make you feel unfamiliar but there is always a sense of serenity that comes along with the beach. To every individual that loves the engaging hold of the ocean, The Marina and Elliot’s Beach are must visit. They hold you captive to their beauty, their magnificence . They are simple in their appearance but mindbogglingly complex in character. To all the individuals that look beyond the horizon I invite you to the City of Emotions – Chennai , India.

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