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Cronulla, Sydney, Australia

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.13.49 pmBreakfast and view at Zimzala

Where else to escape to than a suburb full of beach front cafes with great coffee, dog friendly parks, and a chilled and relaxed atmosphere within Sydney, Australia. And if that isn’t enough, make it even better by inviting some good company along to share this great Cronulla vibe with.

If your anything like me, I’m a stikler for great coffee and even better food! Throughout my article today, I’m going to share with you my personal opinion on the 7 best cafes in Cronulla to grab great food and coffee from.

     1.INC Cafe and Restaurant-
Address: 93 Cronulla St, Cronulla

An oldie, but a goodie! INC Cafe opened in Cronulla late 2010, but since has become a favourite to many in Cronulla! With their quirky vibe throughout the cafe, they certainly can deliver a great cup of coffee and not to mention their milkshakes!! Definitely try their salted caramel thick shakes!! To die for!! Their food is also great with a wide variety to choose from, so everyone will be happy! My personal favourite is the Chicken and Halloumi Wrap, however, the Soft Shell Crab Tacos are also a very popular choice, so be sure to visit a couple of times to experience these! Personally, I’ve never had dessert at INC, however, their dessert menu and cake selection sounds amazing consisting of Nutella Donut Balls, Caramel Brownie Slice, and the list goes on! Be sure to give this one a go!!

  2. Heart and Soul Organic Chai Cafe-
Address: 6/17 Gerrale St, Cronulla

One for the health nuts out there! This cafe is known for their fresh range of food from smoothies and juices, to salads and acai bowls! I can definitely say that my favourite dish from Heart and Soul is the acai bowl! For anyone reading this wondering what an acai bowl is, it is basically a smoothie served in a bowl topped with coconut flakes, muesli, berries and honey. It’s goodness served in a bowl! The coffee served here is organic and is a very smooth, tasty blend. Be sure to try their in store made cakes and slices which are made from fresh, organic ingredients and often not too bad for you with no added sugar, which is always a plus!

   3. Blackwood Pantry- 
Address: 33 Surf Lane, Cronulla

Blackwood Pantry is new to Cronulla, but boy it’s won plenty of hearts from customers! Myself, I’ve only experienced their coffee (and fell in love), but the food I saw getting delivered looked delicious!! If you do plan on visiting Blackwood, be prepared to wait for a table, as I waited over an hour to get a table to enjoy my coffee, but in my opinion, it was definitely worth it the wait! The atmosphere of the cafe is awesome! And I’m in love with their decor and food presentation! You can view their menu here– Warning! It’ll make your mouth water! I’ll definitely be returning as soon as I’m available to experience their menu as I experienced major food envy!

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   4. Grind Espresso- 
Address: 4/15 Surf Rd, Cronulla

Such a busy little cafe! But if you test this one out for yourself, you will definitely find out why! No matter what I order, whether it be an iced coffee, mocha, latte, I’m always guaranteed a delicious blend of coffee served every time! They have a huge range of drinks, so be sure to give these guys a visit if your looking for a wake up in the morning or a mid afternoon buzz!

   5. HAM Cronulla- 
Address: 3/17 Gerrale St, Cronulla

HAM would have to be up there to be one of my top favourites! I love the vibe the cafe gives out, and the extensive menu. Offering great coffee, cold- pressed juices, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. it’s always a hard decision when deciding on what to order! Their food is also amazing with every one of their dishes sounding delicious! These guys are situated about a 30 second walk from the centre of the Cronulla mall, so the cafe isn’t so busy and cluttered, however, be sure to get in early for breakfast as this cafe is a popular choice amongst many Cronulla locals! (HAM has recently extended their seating area so waiting times are minimised).

  6. Zimzala-
Address: 7 The Esplanade, Cronulla

Being only 2 feet from the water, it’s hard to not enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at this restaurant, while watering the sun glitter across the beach. Be sure to book a table if possible as they do get very busy! The food options are great, however, the service can be slow at times- I once waited 40 mins to get served! You can view their menu here. Personally, I would recommend you enjoy a meal else where (their food is good, but not the best in Cronulla), and just treat yourself to a coffee, juice, smoothie or dessert here, however, this is totally up to you! If you want to enjoy a meal with a view, then this is the place to go!

  7. Pilgrim’s Cronulla- 
Address: 97 Gerrale St, Cronulla

Definitely a favourite of vegans and vegetarian’s! But even if your not a vegetarian, be sure to try this little cafe out! I love the variety that these guys have to offer! And the food is always fresh and so yummy! Have a look at their menu here and definitely give them a go even if you are someone who loves meat!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my personal reviews on the above 7 cafes, and I hope if you are local to the Cronulla area that you will definitely give them a go for yourself! Be sure to venture yourself and find some of your own favourites, as there are some cafes in Cronulla I am yet to try for myself, let alone new cafes that haven’t even opened yet! Feel free to get into contact with me via my facebook page, and let me know of your personal favourite cafes that I should give a go!

Cheers to great food and coffee! Enjoy!





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