Zambia Travel Guides for Backpackers

Things to do at Livingstone

Livingstone is a quintessential city, at the very edge of Zambia. It is no bigger than an average town, and has a sum total of one main road. There’s a handful of restaurants, bars, schools, stores, hotels. What makes this city special, however, is that it’s situated right at the Victoria Falls. For those of you who dream of visiting the Natural Wonders of the World, you know the Victoria Falls has earned its spot there. Almost 2 kilometres in width, you can hear this one from kilometres away. And hence, its earned the name Mosi-oa-Tunya, or ‘The Smoke That […]
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Sampling Traditional Foods in Zambia

An Authentic Taste of Africa I think that one of the reasons people travel the world is so they can experience life in a whole different manner than they're used to. Naturally, this involves discovering new tastes and sampling or feasting on traditional foods prepared in that region. Thes best place to visit if you want to bust your taste buds to a whole new kind of level is my hometown Lusaka, Zambia. Welcome to Lusaka, Zambia There's been some debate about where exactly on the African map Zambia is located; Central or Southern Africa. Nevertheless, it is accepted by […]
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