Uruguay Travel Guides for Backpackers

Cabo Polonio, the most adorably weird place in Uruguay

Cabo Polonio is a small village in the cost of Uruguay, a National Park that is an environmental reserve home of sea ​​lions. The small population is mainly of fisherman. The village attracts lots of adventurers, and if Cabo Polonio is close to where you are staying, it deserves a visit. You can spend the day or even stay in a hostel or rent a house, but be aware that during busy times the small amount of room gets booked fast. The closest biggest town to Cabo Polonio is La Paloma. What you need to know before going: How to […]
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Free things to do in Montevideo that no one told you about

As Uruguay is not the cheapest in South America, some people don’t include it in their itineraries. But with this travel guide, you will get useful tips for public transportation and local advice on free things to do in Montevideo, so you can explore the capital deep but keeping your budget low. Using the bus in Montevideo While some areas of the city are easily walkable and the bicycle is highly recommended, you might need to use the local buses sometimes (approx 1 USD). As Google Maps is not really accurate, try “Como ir” and “MooveIT” apps to commute like […]
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Punta del Diablo: beaches, food, and art in the coast of Uruguay

Why choose Punta del Diablo? If you want to experience the real adventure of a road trip like Sal Paradise in On the Road or if you want a family trip that your kids will remember forever then Punta del Diablo is the best choice. The perfect location Punta del Diablo is a fishing village located in Rocha department, right on the east coast of Uruguay. It is known for having a bohemian and artsy vibe as well as for its beautiful three beaches: La Viuda, Rivero, and Playa de los Pescadores. It is three hours away from Montevideo, the […]
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Montevideo: Find peace in Uruguay

Montevideo: Find peace in Uruguay   Uruguay, a small country somewhat squeezed up between the South American giants Brazil and Argentina, is often forgotten by travellers. Do not make that mistake. Uruguay is worth the visit. It will prove itself to be a gem waiting to be explored. Montevideo is the capital city of the country. It is home to over a million and half people which is little more than half of the entire country’s population. Montevideo is as tranquil as the rest of the country and it does not feel like you are in the country’s capital city. […]
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