Tunisia Travel Guides for Backpackers

Tunisia: what is it like as a holiday destination?

If you have been thinking of Tunisia as your next holiday escape, but you are a bit hesitant about it; continue reading so you can have it all cleared up! Is Tunisia safe for tourists? 7 years ago, the Tunisian revolution was born marking the beginning of an ongoing Arab spring. The Jasmine revolution has ended the same year, and things in the country seemed to go back to ‘normal’, until 2015 when 30 Brits were victims of a terrorist attack in the city of Sousse; tourism since then has known a terrible fall. Nowadays, tourism and all the related […]
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Tunisia: the land of stories

Tunisia: is it the land of stories? I always liked the culture, food, people of Middle East or Africa. The atmosphere of little beautiful souks, ancient buildings, exotic beaches. This time, not really accidentally, I've chosen North Africa's country – Tunisia – as my trip destination. Why? Because it's the land of stories. Berbers, Romans, French, Spanish, Arab nations and many others…they all created different stories about, for and on behalf of this country. This is why it's so colorful, diverse and interesting. From beautiful sand beaches, blue waters, to burning desert, oasis and mountains. From various dishes, sweets, amazing fruits, to traditional […]
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