Trinidad And Tobago Travel Guides for Backpackers

Adventure to Peechon Cove

I have lived in Trinidad and Tobago all my life and I have yet to discover all of its interesting places. Peechon Cove is one such place; a hidden gem among the many hiking spots on the island. Until a few weeks ago, I did not know such a place existed! My adventure to Peechon Cove started with a long drive along Trinidad's North Coast Road, then a visit to Maracas Bay for refreshments before arriving at the hiking trail. The trail is located within the Maracas Forest which features exotic vegetation and many tropical insects. The trail leads to […]
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Conquering Paria the Perilous & Turtle Rock: Trinidad and Tobago

If the thought of hiking miles and miles of rocky terrain that ebb and flow like angry waves in a storm excites you, then this is the hike for you.  It’s a three-hour long journey (one way) depending on your level of agility. The trail is a brutal test of your endurance capabilities, with a couple beach stops popping up along the way which serve (in my opinion) as a reward for having made it thus far. One of the breath-taking stops is Turtle Rock, aptly named because of the shape of the rock as well as the many turtles spotted coming […]
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Trinidad and Tobago: How to eat like a local

  It’s easy to get carried away by the beauty of the Caribbean especially the little island of Trinidad and Tobago. Although located at the tailbone of the Caribbean arch, Trinidad and Tobago is still every bit of the tropical paradise that the Caribbean is noted for: the beaches, sand and never changing summer weather. It’s very tempting for foreigners to laze back all day long and sip on fresh coconut water. But any true Trinbagonian would tell you that the true highlight of the country is its food. The Trinidad cuisine like many other parts of the culture is […]
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