Tajikistan Travel Guides for Backpackers

Hiking and hot springs in Tajikistan

Tajikistan in Central Asia is an independent country since 9 Sep.1991, post the collapse of U.S.S.R. It is ruled by President Emmomali Rahamon. It is a landlocked country with many bubbly rivers and snow-capped mountains. The 8th of March, International women’s day is celebrated as Mother’s day by Tajiks, mid- March Navruz or new day, is a seven-day long festival, a tribute to the newly harvested crop, enjoyed by all of the different ages, there are fetes, fairs, musicals, plays joined by everyone with great fervor. Dushanbe – The Capital City Dushanbe means Monday, is the capital city with broad tree-lined avenues, parks, and […]
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Tajikistan: the Heart of Central Asia

Tajikistan. What is this country? There aren't many people who know anything about Tajikistan and Central Asia in general. But that is a mistake, I'm sure. There is a lot to be interested of in this part of our Planet. First of all, this is a rare landscape which not many Western people have ever seen: the steppes combined with mountains are the characteristics of this region, the climate is hard there, in the summer in some places You even aren't able to breathe because of the heat and dryness. But this makes the people strong there. Then, the culture, the […]
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