Senegal Travel Guides for Backpackers

Amazing Things to Do in Senegal 

As an avid traveler I love to go places and do what the locals do. I’m often not interested in the generic tourist recommendations. Who needs one more key chain, sculpture, bracelet, shot glass, etc? Of course these things are great and cheap to bring back for friends and family members who missed out on the trip. But let’s be honest, these are probably not souvenirs that are authentic to the country you’re currently visiting. Also, if you’re in Dakar, Senegal there are literally shopping opportunities everywhere. Commerce is a built in part of the culture. So, if you’re like […]
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7 Rules for Cross-Country Travel in Senegal

Road Tripping in West Africa: The Journey is Half the Fun I knew it was going to be a long road trip and that I needed to pack light. What I didn’t know is that I was embarking on a week of 100+ degree weather, cold showers, no mirrors and one of the greatest adventures I’d ever had. It can be liberating not to see yourself for an entire week. The time I once spent meticulously placing the curls in my natural hair or analyzing my pores was repurposed for early morning walks and market haggling. But let me back […]
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Senegal’s Best Kept Secrets

When one thinks of vacations, rarely do they consider the Western part of the African continent. Simply put, it is not a place renowned for its luxurious hotels and resorts. Yet, you may be surprised to know that having your vacations in this unusual place may be extremely rewarding in terms of natural beauties, culture, and colorful experiences. For decades, French tourists have been flocking to the country of Senegal, where they can enjoy its capital, a plethora of small islands, exotic beaches, and other tourist-friendly cities located a drive away. If you do decide to visit Senegal, you will […]
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