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7 Rules for Cross-Country Travel in Senegal

It can be liberating not to see yourself for an entire week. The time I once spent meticulously placing the curls in my natural hair or analyzing my pores was repurposed for early morning walks and market haggling. But let me back up. I live in Dakar, Senegal, even many locals don’t know where Kédougou is, so when I told my fiancé where I was going, he just sort of looked at me with an “hmm, really?” face. I went anyway.

Mel Bailey

Senegal’s Best Kept Secrets

For decades, French tourists have been flocking to the country of Senegal, where they can enjoy its capital, a plethora of small islands, exotic beaches, and other tourist-friendly cities located a drive away. If you do decide to visit Senegal, you will meet an eclectic community of expatriates and nationals in this very secure and welcoming land. With no further due, here is my top best-kept secrets for Senegal.

Caroline Bellemare

Top 4 hostels in Senegal.

There are 4 awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Senegal.

Dakar International House

Dakar International House

Dakar International House is a new created hostel offering rooms at good value for money corresponding perfectly to low budgets, a bridal suite, a room perfectly ordered for students; a group of travelers and students with limited budgets, a double and single room. Dakar International House is we

Dakar International House is a hostel in . Check Hostelworld for prices.77
Begue Pokai

Begue Pokai

Begue Pokai is a nice “family Hostel” located in Senegal, in the small fishing village of Kelle – Toubab Dialaw.
It’s perfect for solo travelers, couples, and families. We are located 45 mins from the Airport of Dakar “Léopold Sengor. Our goal is to develop a sustainable model of tourism, respectin

Begue Pokai is a guesthouse in . Check Hostelworld for prices.77
Ker Jahkarlo

Ker Jahkarlo

Ker Jahkarlo is a recently built house on three floors. We have 5 rooms: a double room and a triple room with private bathroom, two double rooms that share the same bathroom, and a big shared bedroom with 6 beds and its bathroom. For the pleasure of our guests there is also a beautiful terrace looki

Ker Jahkarlo is a hostel in . Check Hostelworld for prices.70
Surfcamp NGor Island

Surfcamp NGor Island

Welcome to the Surfcamp NGor Island

Surfcamp NGor Island is a campsite in . Check Hostelworld for prices.0

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7 Rules for Cross-Country Travel in Senegal

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