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The best backpackers destinations & accommodation in Perth, Scotland.

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Top 2 hostels in Perth, Scotland.

These are the 2 most awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Perth, Scotland.

Bankfoot Inn

99 /100

Guest Rating

Bankfoot Inn

We're a small, family-run hotel, located in the village of Bankfoot, between Dunkeld and Perth, in the heart of Perthshire. Ideally placed as a base for short breaks and longer stays, allowing you a convenient base to explore Perthshire and the nearby towns of Perth and Dunkeld. The Bankfoot Inn...
Bankfoot Inn is a hotel in Perth. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Perth Youth Hostel

87 /100

Guest Rating

Perth Youth Hostel

Hosted in the modern residences of Perth College UHI and open from June-August each summer, Perth Youth Hostel offers a choice of single and twin ensuite rooms or apartments, all with access to a self-catering kitchen and lounge area. There are 4 or 5 rooms in each unit, so groups can enjoy exclusiv...
Perth Youth Hostel is a hostel in Perth. Check Hostelworld for prices.


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Perth & the Southwest

  Perth & the Southwest Quokkas: Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth A curious thing about Australia’s west coast is that there are no koalas in the wild. Although, that does not mean that you cannot see cute animals in Western Australia. On Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth, you can meet the local quokkas that – judging from the many awesome pictures on Instagram – always seem to be ready for a happy selfie. From Perth you can do day trips to Rottnest Island to see the quokkas and relax on the postcard perfect beaches. It is very popular to explore the small island by bicycle.

Sofie M. Wulff

Fremantle: History Meets Hip

Located some 20km south of Western Australia’s capital Perth, this port city, affectionately known as ‘Freo’, is the epitome of times past meets current trends. While dedicated to preserving it’s past, Fremantle has in recent times, also attracted a mixture of alternatives and go-getters, all seeking the laid-back atmosphere Fremantle offers. If you’ve got a few days to spend in Freo, here are some of the reasons you should take a visit.

Bec Sorby

My WA: Perth suburbs and Fremantle

The first of August 2017 my great adventure started. I took a flight from my home country, The Netherlands, all the way to the other side of the world: Australia. Soon I found a job as a live-in au pair in one of the southern suburbs of Perth: Mosman Park. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy West-Australia for a whole five months. Lots of travellers skip the west coast of Australia. Personally, (excuse my French) I think that’s stupid. Now, let me tell you why.

Leanne Wolfs

2. Geraldton

The largest town North of Perth, Geraldton is situated right on the coast and knocks on the doorstep of Western Australia’s Abrolhos Reef.

Alexis Zahner

When To Visit

Due to the latitude at which the park is located, temperatures at Karijini are a lot warmer than in the southward city of Perth. In Summer, the daytime mercury usually hovers around 40 degrees Celcius, with a drop to the high-20s at night – this is the preferred season for the millions of flies residing in the area. Conversely in Winter, temperatures can be as low as the mid-20s during the day, although the cool and dry nights can get frosty between 0-10 degrees Celcius. Taking into account the semi-tropical climate bringing rainier days from December to March, I would recommend that the most ideal times to visit are during late Autumn and early Winter.

Euling Cheong

The Ningaloo Reef

Not many people I’ve met have heard of the Ningaloo Reef. It is a world heritage site and is located in Western Australia, approximately half way between Perth and Broome. It is way smaller than the well-known Great Barrier Reef but that doesn’t mean it’s less diverse. Apparently it’s home to more than 500 different fish and marine life. It is located very close to the coast line of Western Australia which makes it attractive for snorkelers and divers because they can reach the reef by swimming only a few meters from the beach. The easiest access point is probably Coral Bay. Exmouth is another close-by town from where you can start your snorkeling adventure but it involves a short drive by car through the Cape Range National Park in order to enter a beach with reef access.


Perth? Where is that and why should I go?

Australia has been a big travel destination for a long time, where people in all ages decide to buy a flight and follow their dreams on their big Aussie adventure! Where people mainly fly straight to the well know east coast with unbelievable places and lots of must see destinations spread out all over the coast. Travelling in all different ways from staying in a luxury spa hotel near the beaches to hiring a camper van doing a campfire in the bushes. All amazing adventures, but does anyone ever think of the west coast? “West coast, I thought it was outback with dessert” People only hear about the west coast by reading the news about the fourth bush fire which reached the Perth area within a week or by the alarming of another shark spotted on one the beaches. But no one ever decides to take a new step and discover what the west coast is really about. They just ask “West coast, isn’t only Perth, and why go all the way for that?”

Henriette Mikaelsen

Fremantle: a city from A to Z

Fremantle is split into four distinct precincts; North Fremantle, South Fremantle, East Fremantle and…. Fremantle. Many have theorised about what happened to ‘West Fremantle’ but for now, we can only assume that Kanye sued for trademark infringement and leave it at that. Geographically speaking, Fremantle is built on the coast. An historical port town with access to the Swan river leading straight to Perth City. Very handy if you’re a pirate of old, or these days, just Hertz expecting a new shipment of rental cars from Japan.

Nea Steele

Back and forth Western australia Part One



West Coast Backpacking

During my time travelling Australia I have somewhat disappointingly found a lack of people who have even thought to venture to Western Australia during their time in Australia. Most opt straight for the East Coast and maybe into the centre to catch a snap of the famed ‘Uluru’ with a few stragglers that may venture elsewhere. This I see as a bit of a shame because Western Australia has a lot to offer that is overlooked by too many travellers. I myself have only spent just over 3 weeks in Western Australia but I intend to return to Perth in the near future and take a road trip along the coast right up until I leave the state and enter into the Northern Territory (and carry on till Cairns but that’s another story).

Lisa Ward

Best beaches around Perth

Perth is a beautiful city in Western Australia, with many tourist places, parks but also beaches if you don’t mind to take the train or the bus.

Claire Bibab

Things to do in Perth

    Things to do in Perth Perth, the largest city in Western Australia. A place where no rush but to relax, to be distressed and not get hassled.

Megan Tan

Perth: An Underrated Oasis in the Middle of the Outback

Perth: An Underrated Oasis in the Middle of the Outback

Ottoline Spearman

My Top Ten Must-Do's in Dunsborough

If you have just been in Perth or other cities this town will seem so tiny to you. The town itself is pretty much just one road, the Dunn Bay Road. You will find everything you need just there, in the town centre. From super markets like Coles and IGA to restaurants and bars. What else do you really need in your holidays? Right, nothing. But now to my top ten of Dunsborough:

Laura Könnicke

Harvey: The Best Day Trip in the South West

When planning a holiday in the southern parts of Western Australia, there are usually one of two places that people tend to visit most often. Either they come from the country to enjoy the shopping, nightlife and the hustle and bustle of Perth CBD and its surrounds, or they travel south to the picturesque South West countryside in Margaret River. Well I would like to add a stopover destination about half way between Perth and Margaret River, the small country town of Harvey. Alternatively, If you are living in either one of these areas or its surrounds, and you are looking for a nice place to head to for a day on the weekend, then Harvey is absolutely the spot for you.

Erica Discombe

Wedge Island : Bush Tracks to Beach Bliss

When visiting Western Australia, one of the most popular day trips tourists embark on is the hour or so commute to Lancelin, a popular beach side town north of Perth in search of an ‘outback Australian adventure’ . Lancelin, with its white sand and blaring sun, does deliver- beautiful beaches for surfing and relaxing, sand dunes for four-wheel-driving, sand boarding and of course, the icon of many small Aussie towns, the local bakery where children and adults alike laze around in chairs out the front, satisfying hunger on endless summer days.

Bec Myers

Queensland: Dolphin feeding on Moreton Island

If you google “dolphin feeding in Australia” or ask people about it, Monkey Mia will be the place you are told about. Now, Monkey Mia is a small place in Western Australia, half way between Perth and Broome – not exactly an area which is easily accessible! [single_map_place] Monkey Mia, Western Australia, Australia [/single_map_place]


Perths Local Secrets

Perth: The most isolated capital city in the world. Whilst this fact is interesting, Perth boasts a lot more than its unique identifier. In fact, with its spectacular landscapes, white sand beaches and its reef teeming with exquisite marine life – Perth could be one of the world’s final frontiers.

Steph Baumgartel

Five Fun Things To Do In The Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is a region of Perth that is rich in heritage, history, and Indigenous and European roots. This lush and fertile part of Western Australia is nestled in the upper regions of the Swan River. There are over 14 different suburbs within the Swan Valley. European explorers first explored the region in 1827. The local Aboriginal people are the Whadjuk Noongar people. They have been living along the Swan River for over 40,000 years.

Marisa Quinn-Haisu

Rottnest Island: my first Australian exploration

I was arrived in Perth a couple of days before, full of enthusiasm, curiosity, ready for my first adventure!


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