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Hostel San Marino

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Hostel San Marino

Offering affordable air-conditioned accommodation, Property San Marino is just 3.5 km from the historic centre. It features vending machines, a large social area and free parking big enough for coaches. This modern property is 22 km from Rimini Train Station, with buses stopping right outside....
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Imaginations Run Wild, in San Marino

The stone brick of the guard tower is cool against my skin, as I lean out to view the fortress of San Marino. Situated upon a mountain that appears to stand apart from any other, and surrounded by comparatively flat lands, the castle is an impressive menacing structure, displaying the strength and power of its occupants. Its walls sit on the edge of a cliff, a sheer and terrifying drop to the land below – one that no one could survive. As I patrol the walls of the tower, I am able to see for miles around, a perfect vantage point to observe any enemies that dare to attack. A full armoury of swords and pistols await in the tower behind me for such an occasion. I turn to the south, away from the castle, to view another guard tower standing erect, providing further protection. It appears that San Marino is impenetrable.

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