Saint Lucia Travel Guides for Backpackers

Travel Story; Day 1 Khao San Road, Bangkok

My first impression of Bangkok, Thailand Had I asked my eight year old self what she thought she would be doing fourteen years later, more distinctly in February of 2014, “running through the streets of Bangkok” would have been a faint white orb of an idea floating twenty thousand miles […]
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Saint Lucia: The Island I call home

                                        Saint Lucia: The Island I call home There are so many reasons why I love this island that I call home: Saint Lucia. From exciting adventures with family and friends […]
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Being new to blogging, and having travelled to so many places in my 23 years, it took me a while to decide where exactly to write about first. Sometimes I think we forget that to some people, or in my case millions of people, the city on your doorstep is […]
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