Reunion Travel Guides for Backpackers

Hiking the Cryptomeria forest in Reunion Island

Hiking to “Îlet Alcide” through the Cryptomeria forest To arrive at the departure parking, from the city of Saint-paul we started our ascent by car until the entrance of the forest road n68. This road goes through a forest of huge Cryptomeria trees. I browsed the internet about Cryptomeria, it is a “monotypic genus of conifer in the cypress family”, indeed, we started our walk between those huge “Christmas trees like” trees. Drive slowly on the forest road n68, early in the morning the sun is in front of you and even with good sunglass, the visibility is very low. […]
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A Day in Saint-Denis: Making the Most of Reunion

If you're visiting Reunion Island, your most likely going to spend a night in Saint-Denis. Saint-Denis is the entry point for most overseas visitors and Reunion’s largest city. Nestled between mountains, sky and sea the city is a dazzling sight from above. It won me over before my plane had even touched the ground. Surprisingly this little French capital often gets overlooked by travelers eager to reach the beaches and mountains the island is most famous for. True, Saint-Denis doesn’t offer up any of Reunion's big ticket items, but for those with a day up their sleeve, it’s a great introduction to life […]
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Reunion island: the volcano Le Piton de la Fournaise

Le Piton de la Fournaise Reunion island Have you heard about it ? it's a little french island, lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean (I let you look for it on the map). This island came out of the water 3 millions years ago. Nowadays, it's a paradise, with amazing landscapes: lagoons of crystal clear water, astonishing coral reef with colorful fishes, wales and dolphins. Mountain reliefs, rivers and waterfalls , exotic birds and endemic spiecies…Between land and sea, nature lovers are gonna enjoy it. Not only Reunion island has a wealth fauna and […]
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