Puerto Rico Travel Guides for Backpackers

Puerto Rico: A Natural Paradise

If you are looking for a tropical getaway with natural beauty beyond your wildest dreams, fresh food that will send your taste buds soaring, and locals that are so kind that they would give you the shirts off their backs, look no further than Puerto Rico. This small island is bursting with life from nature as well as from the lively community of people who inhabit it. If you are looking to practice your Spanish with people who will welcome you with open arms and actually allow you to practice without judging you, Puerto Rico may be one of your […]
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Ponce, The Pearl of the South

Culture Travel at its best in Puerto Rico Ponce is known as the second largest city of Puerto Rico in terms of population. They have a saying, “Ponce is Ponce and the rest is parking”, this gives you an idea of how proud people are to be from this city in the south coast of the island. To get to and around in Ponce, although there are taxis, it is better to rent a car. This guide might take a day or two, depending on your pace and the time you have available. Let’s give it […]
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Rural Rincón: Puerto Rico, USA

Rural Rincón, PR, USA Illuminated Summertime Hues Mangoes litter the gutters and sidewalks of every one-lane street this time of year. They bring a most brightly illuminated marigold hue to life when their skin's pigment is highlighted by hot sunshine, while further contrast develops from a paved background acting as a black canvas with fresh acrylic paint strewn across its surface. The marigold skin of each mango indicates their readiness, their sweetness, and the shift of seasons from spring to summer. I've called these mango-littered roads of Rincón, nestled in this rural coastal Caribbean town, home for nearly two years now. […]
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