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The best backpackers destinations & accommodation in Oman.

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Top 4 hostels in Oman.

These are the 4 most awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Oman.

Al Jabal Hotel

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Al Jabal Hotel

Al Jabal Hotel is a budget luxury hotel located in Salalah on Sultan Qaboos Hospital Road in the heart of the city. The hotel is only 10mn drive from the airport and 5meters drive to the city centre and to Salalah Port. We offer 79 well appointed rooms with different categories and 12 furnish...
Al Jabal Hotel is a hotel in Salalah. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Nizwa Hotel Apartments

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Nizwa Hotel Apartments

Nizwa Hotel Apartments consists of One Bedroom Apartments with an inventory of ten, Two Bedroom Apartments with an inventory of fifty five and Deluxe Two Bedroom Apartments with an inventory of five. The spacious apartments simply create a 'Wow' factor. All spacious apartments are fitted with tiled...
Nizwa Hotel Apartments is a apartment in Nizwa. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Amarah Hotel

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Amarah Hotel

Amarah Hotel is a business hotel with 50 suites situated at the center of Muscat. We have a function room which can accommodate 120 persons, and small rooms for small gatherings. Free parking for all in-house guest and free WIFI is easily accessible in the whole property. Our front desk is manned 24...
Amarah Hotel is a hotel in Muscat. Check Hostelworld for prices.



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Sahanoot are apartments are located in the industrial area of ​​Salalah, a region where most of the inhabitants are of Asian nationality. It is very quiet especially in the evening, knowing that it is surrounded on all sides by a populated residential area. You can enjoy the bright stars in the even...
Sahanoot is a apartment in Salalah. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Things to see and do while backpacking in Oman.

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Oh Man, Oman! Part 1

Having travelled to many countries I have to say that Oman is a country that truly surprised and impressed me with its varied landscapes, incredible history and some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. If you want to see the representation of Arab culture as seen in movies then you have to come to Oman. You will see some of the best examples of Arabic architecture, Forts (on every hill), Arabian Desert landscapes, bustling Souks (markets), Wadis, incredible mountains and modern Arabic extravagance in the 5 star hotels that dot the country. (Disclaimer: this trip was meticulously planned by my mother).


Dropping Angkor into UNESCO

The sandstone design and elaborate base-reliefs stand side-by-side in ingenuity with the Ancient Romans or Classical Greeks. Presence in the site of Angkor brings wonder in a playground for the gods, encircled by a 5.5km moat and jungle terrain that wraps its position of UNESCO World Heritage.

Lucian Reed-Drake

How to Survive (and Enjoy) the Inca Trek To Machu Picchu

I booked my trip with G Adventures for December six months in advance. Plenty of time to get fit, right? Nope. I found myself on a plane just four days after completing my final exams for the semester, stressed out from last minute shopping and probably only hiked a medium level bush-walking trail twice. And you know what, I still made it to the top. As well as a 72 year old woman in my group (my idol). Although it wasn’t the best method of preparation, anything is possible if you make it happen. After my experience I have some tips that helped me through and the lessons I learnt.

Carissa Joho


If you finish visiting 3 previous temples before lunch time then you have enough time to visit Arashiyama. Arashiyama is located in Western Kyoto and the best way to visit it is by using JR train. While you are in Arashiyama, you can visit Arashiyama bamboo groves, Togetsukyo bridge, Monkey park Iwatayama, Tenryuji temple and ride Sagano romantic train to Kameoka. Arashiyama bamboo groves is a must visit place in this area, you can choose between walk or hire a rickshaw ride to enjoy the scenery along the walk paths. Togetsukyo bridge is Arashiyama’s most iconic landmark, if you visit this area during autumn season the background of the bridge will really beautiful.


Proper way to Eat Sushi

Sushi is the original and traditional form of fast food in Japan. So it is meant to be eaten on the go at little sushi bars like the one at Sushi Dai. Due to this, the proper way to eat sushi is all in one go and to also place the sashimi side of the sushi on your tongue not the rice! Even though the sashimi sits on the rice to begin with. I wanted to savour the taste so I was eating it in halves and I was told very politely that the proper way was to eat it in one go, but that I could eat it whichever way I felt comfortable. But hey, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Chanel Donahoe

Whangamata : A Small Slice Of Paradise

I’ve been visiting Whangamata on and off every summer since before I can remember and the small town holds a very special place in my heart. The town is only made up of about 3500 people who actually live there but in summer this number usually climbs to about 25,000. My parents have always moaned and groaned about the influx of people in summer but I personally think it’s the people that make it so much more interesting. Whangamata is located in the Coromandel Peninsula in the north island of New Zealand and is surrounded by other small beach towns but this is the town I like to call my second home for a number of reasons:

Georgina Dolan

2. The magic of the old fort

An older woman was sitting in her window looking down on the street, we smiled at her and she started asking us, where we came from. Before we knew it, we were standing in her livingroom, being given a tour of the very small apartment shared by her and her husband, their daughter and her family, and their son and his family – eight people in three small rooms. The children were exited to show us their little private rooftop with an amazing view of the city. The picture shows a good luck charm hanging on their rooftop – and everywhere else in the city.


What To Do

One of the main museums is the Museum of History (which also has public washrooms that came in handy). A beautiful Abbey museum is located in the middle, however as it was the holidays it was not open during my stay. I have heard wonderful comments about it from the locals though. The outdoor structure of this museum is incredible, it is huge, and connects to a school. It has an old Romanist air about it. In addition, there is the old Roman Museum, located near the Echternach Youth Hostel, which shows the remains of the buildings centuries ago.



ALGHERO  – A TASTE OF ROMANCE Everybody loves Italy for its tranquil lifestyle, delicious food and historical treasures. The most popular destinations are surely world-wide known, however, not many travellers get the chance to visit this very unique historical pearl with an extraordinary romantic ambience. Alghero; an ancient town found on the North-West coast of the magnificent Island  Sardinia.


Surfing Ahipara:

All done with our hike and enjoying the sun we set off to Ahipara for a surf. When we arrived the surf was perfect, small, clean and consistent. We suited up grabbed our boards and ran into the warm water. Within 20minutes the rain started again and the surf got even better. Teaching one of friends how to stand up and ride the waves. We caught so many waves and had an amazing time. Planning on camping again this night, the rain put us off and we drove until the rain stopped which landed us all the way down in Coromandel. Another beautiful coastal town with not a lot of people and not a lot of shops this place is truly all about the relaxation.


Planning the trip

In order to see the falls and the breathtaking countryside of Talakad district one should be ready to chase the dawn. We started off at 6 am and by divine intervention the car we had booked was also on time. We drove via Kanakapura, taking NH208 and truly the road is a traveler’s Mecca. The road is lined on either sides with yellow fields that will definitely remind a certified romantic of the verses from Wordsworth’s Daffodils. On the Kanakapura road, one should take the left turn towards Malavalli. Drive 30 km from Malavalli and voila! You reach Shivanasamudra, where the seas of Shiva unite(an age old belief). Do not forget you started early so hunger pangs are sure to strike. Stop the car at roadside hotels (dhaba) and savor warm, soft idly with spicy concoction of coconut and red chilies( chutney).


My Connection to Croatia

Growing up, I had two identities: American and Croatian.  My first international trip was to Croatia in 1996, right after the country’s civil war.  At this point, it was not considered “safe” to travel to Croatia.  In fact, during our layover in Prague, a woman yelled at my mom for bringing me, a small child, into a “war zone.”  My mother did not pay attention, as she was desperate to see her family as she was not able to see them all throughout the war.  It was also a good lesson for me, to not be afraid of and to not avoid countries labelled as “dangerous.”  Throughout my youth, I constantly was traveling to Croatia and other Balkan countries, which helped me develop my love for international travel.

Stacey Peros

Way to Kanyakumari 

I traveled with my family to south India from New Delhi for 10 days in the month of march, 2015 and we planned a one day road trip to Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) from Allepey which was approx 235 Kms and took us 6 hrs to reach by car. Kanyakumari is small Tamil village situated at the tip of southern India where three oceans meet (Bay of Bengal, Indian ocean and Arabian sea). The uniqueness of this place is its location. I realized my car was running on the boundaries of southern India. My joy knew no bounds when I saw blue ocean at my right side from the gap between coconut trees planted on roadside. On the way the roman architecture of bungalows on both side of road were fascinating. Then we passed through various banana orchards and series of coconut farms. Although, the weather was humid yet soothing cool breeze helped us surviving the heat. According to the local people the best weather to visit south India is October to march. Our car driver Dayalan was very helpful and personally a travel guide to me. He saved our lots of time and answered happily to every question we asked him. The road journey was like escapism.

Neha Bansal

Beautiful Vietman outside, and inside

At few hours later an older woman got on the train with two huge plastic bags. I do not know how old she was, but she could have been 90. She was presented with a chair. One of those little chairs that you can find at the kid section of Walmart, or some equivalent. Red and low to the ground. So there she was, on this little red chair. Her two bags in front of her. She was staring out of the window as if this was a weekly trip for her. Nothing new. She probably had seen it all before, and more.

Jenthe Van de Poel

Carlos V palace

This palace is striking, undoubtedly, by the use of a Roman architectural style. His great originality is due to the construction of the plant in a circular form, besides using architectural features of the Renaissance.


North Adriatic

Focusing on the mainland starting from the north, the Istrian peninsula is ready to take any travelers breath away with the vast cultural and natural treasure it holds. Heavily influenced by the Republic of Venice through history, cities like Pore? and Rovinj will give You the feel of a extravagant mediterranean holiday from the 50’s, and the city of Pula should not be neglected by anyone thirsting for Ancient Roman architecture, as it is the site of one of the world’s most preserved Roman amphitheaters and several other ancient monuments. Cruising around Istria is also rewarding for the genuine cuisine and authentic wines it offers, and if one is to venture inland, the cities of Pazin and Motovun will surely make it worth the trip. Before leaving one should also visit nature park U?ka, a part of the mountain range rising near the coast, and if You are longing for civilization, the nearby city of Rijeka should help soothe your metropolitan needs.

Miro Kržanić

Hippies and Holsteins: Four Seasons in Vermont

Elena Nardozzi

Sonoma County: Your New Paradise

Where on earth could you go to experience Redwoods that stood during the Roman empire, chilling Pacific waves rolling against cliff faces, a legendary big city surrounded by charming small towns, and some of the best beer, food, and wine in the world? It seems that such a place could not exist, but it is for this very reason that California has for centuries enchanted the imaginations of authors, artists, and visionaries such as Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain, John Stienbeck, and Luther Burbank. Come and see for yourself why Sonoma County cannot be overlooked, and why it is about to rise to the top of your United States travel agenda.

Melanie Mazza

1. Rambla

If you ask me, and also anyone else interested, what is the best thing about Montevideo, you get the same answer: la rambla. Montevideo posses several beaches. Well, they are certainly not the best city beaches, that you have ever seen. Neither Copacabana, nor Barceloneta. But what is perfect about these beaches is the fact that they are lined with cute paths from which you can fully enjoy the gorgeous sunset without getting dirty from sand. La rambla represents the main local sporting facility – for runners, cyclists, and skaters, perfect romantic place for a date or a meeting point to have „maté“ with friends. This point can therefore be concluded with the sentence: “Definitely don´t forget to go there during your Montevideo visit”.


Muscat- The unexplored beauty

Millions of people are fascinated by the glamour of Dubai but very few pay attention to the beautiful country that lies only a few hours away- Oman. In Oman, lies Muscat- the land where you don’t have to choose between beaches, hills and deserts because you can enjoy all the three. It is indeed a pity that the government is not too friendly about issuing tourist visas. Luckily, my uncle was working there and thus I got an opportunity to visit this beautiful place.

Madhurima Dutta

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