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Northern Ireland – Belfast and The Giant's Causeway

Northern Ireland – Belfast and The Giant's Causeway There's something about Ireland that makes everyone just fell in love with it! Maybe it's the music, the culture or just the incredible landscapes with the most amazing colors you can ever find. The truth is you can't help but believe there's something magical involved. If you feel like visiting this amazing country, Northern Ireland is a must! So, I'm gonna share with you a two day tour at Belfast and The Giant's Causeway. How to get there? As a solo traveler, my choices were to rent a car or book a […]
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Northern Ireland – A newly discovered destination

A few years ago nobody would even think of going to Northern Ireland for a visit. Today things have changed and we are glad they did. Northern Ireland is today a very interesting destination, with many interesting things to see. First of all, if you are considering going there, don´t underestimate it. Yes, it is a small country, but it is worth staying for a couple of days. If you really want to experience everything you are entitled to, rent a car and do it at your own pace! Belfast From being the centre of political conflicts until the end […]
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The Best Places to Read and Write in Belfast

“Where can I get free wifi around here?” Everyone’s familiar with the standard image of the ‘hipster’ sitting in Starbucks and writing their award-winning and totally meta screenplay. And oh, how we scorn them! But the reality is, if you’re a writer, a freelancer, or anyone who can work from home, having no access to human interaction can drive you a little crazy. Once you have your internet set up, you won’t actually need to leave your house – which is cool! But also pretty lonely. To help you combat this isolation, I’ve put together a list of some of […]
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Belfast City : in the hearth of the Northern Ireland

Why Belfast?  I decided to write my first article about a city that means a lot to me : Belfast, also known by its Irish name Béal Feirste. First city that I lived in when I started traveling, and I had lots of good memories from there. If everybody heard about Dublin, that's a pity that Belfast isn't that famous because it has a lot to bring. If you can, just cross the Ireland to go to that part belonging to the UK but keep clearly the Irish culture. To share as much as possible about that city, these will […]
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