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Oxford Queenette Backpackers

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Oxford Queenette Backpackers

Oxford Queenette Backpackers, OQB, is a budget hostel and backpacker accommodation in the picturesque town of Oxford at the edge of the Canterbury plains on South Island, New Zealand. OQB is a small and cosy family-run and owner-operated hostel situated in the heart of the country township of Oxf...
Oxford Queenette Backpackers is a hostel in Oxford. Check Hostelworld for prices.


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Oxford & Cambridge

  Oxford & Cambridge  

Haley Brown

Manchester Museum

Part of the University of Manchester, the Manchester Museum is located on Oxford Road, one of the main roads running through the city. With free entry, Manchester Museum is the perfect place to spend a few hours while exploring the city. During my visit to the Museum, I saw children and adults equally fascinated by Stan, the fossilized T-Rex on display. Spread out over a number of floors, the Museum caters to the curious-minded with fascinating displays on many subjects, including Ancient Egypt, astronomy, birds, coins, culture and even some live animals! Friendly staff and a well-stocked café are additional reasons to make sure you do not miss out on Manchester Museum on your visit to the city.


Wytham- The Quaint Agatha Christie Style Village

But everyday the bus would dutifully deposit me in front of the White Hart pub in North Oxford. I would dutifully march 1.2 miles uphill to the White Hart pub in the village of Wytham (yes, Oxford has two White Hart pubs). There I would chance upon my savior, the village tea shop for my morning cuppa. Wytham village actually has its own little tea shop. I still think of it as something out of an Agatha Christie novel. Come think of it, the village of Wytham has its own vicarage and its own little cottages and farms. And the White hart pub. It is a slice of Agatha Christie.


A local

If you’re in England and visiting London there is an incredible amount of things to do and see and places to go, such a vast city has a lot to offer, and although I do recommend checking out the obvious places, it is easy to miss the essence of London when following the tourist trail. Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Big Ben, the London Eye etc. are all entertaining and interesting in their own right, but London is so much more than a selection of attractions, even if they are very nice attractions.


Oxford: 10 Local Gems on a Budget

Oxford, United Kingdom, is a beautiful place to visit, full of history and some stunning architecture. It can also be a very expensive place if you don’t know where to find the cheap, or very often free, attractions around the city.

Cat Sykes

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