Mozambique Travel Guides for Backpackers

Mozambique, the country of good people and paradise beaches

Choosing our next destination to travel is not so easy as one can consider at first sight. We usually want a place to relax, with beautiful nature, delicious gastronomy so we can enjoy with new and exotic tastes,  smiling people, a little bit of adventure and not really crowded … too much to ask? do these places still exist nowadays? Yes, they do. Try southeast Africa, try Mozambique. Why Mozambique is a good place to visit Recently, I decided to change my life into a more inspired, vocational and human approach. After many years working as a businesswoman, I left behind […]
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Ocean Exploration in Sleepy Ponta Do Ouro

Ponta do Ouro is an idyllic, coastal fishing village on the southern tip of Mozambique. It’s a perfect, rustic coastal resort featuring pristine white beaches that stretch for miles in either direction. Although not technically a border town, it is essentially on the border with South Africa, only a few kilometers from the Kosi Bay border post. The town is a popular scuba diving, deep sea fishing and ocean sports destination for Mozambiquans and South Africans, resulting in the South African Rand being commonly accepted currency and English being widely-spoken. Local Mozambiquens largely speak Portuguese amongst themselves but are also […]
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All you need to know about Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo.. Awww Tofo! I feel so much joy just thinking about it! It’s THE place we used to go most of the long weekends when I lived in Maputo. If you enjoy the beach, water sports, beautiful landscapes, music and food, you’ll love going there and even getting there. Tofo is a small coastal village in Inhambane Province, located about 500km from the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. Tofo itself is small, the road isn’t paved, and besides the local market, there is only a small supermarket. BUT, Tofo has is a great vibe, beautiful beaches for surf, SUP, swim and […]
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Vilankulo, one step before paradise

Living in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, you simply have no means to imagine that you ended up in one of the most unknown gems of southern Africa. With just one road connecting north to south and just one air company, Mozambique it’s clearly not prepared to welcome tourism, but with its paradise untouched beaches and atemporal villages, it is slowly awakening and becoming aware of its own potential. You really realize where you are when, after only one hour by plane and a ten minutes drive, you get into a sleepy and sandy village, with a crystal-blue background. Vilankulo […]
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