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The best backpackers destinations & accommodation in Bar, Montenegro.

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Top 7 hostels in Bar, Montenegro.

These are the 7 most awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Bar, Montenegro.

The Grove Montenegro

99 /100

Guest Rating

The Grove Montenegro

*Closed for the season until late spring 2019!* Stay in somewhere off the beaten track this summer. The Grove is beautiful, spacious and comfortable. Stari Bar old town towers above us, a gorgeous river flows by, under an Ottoman footbridge. Olive groves line our neighbouring hills and trails lead...
The Grove Montenegro is a hostel in Bar. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Apartments Kojic, Bar

94 /100

Guest Rating

Apartments Kojic, Bar

FREE PICK-UP FROM TRAIN OR BUS STATION! We are located in Shushanj, entry of Bar, only 100m from the beach. Shushanj is an active tourist part of town. There is also in 50 meters, bus stop for many direction, Old town of Bar, Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Podgorica. Property Apartments Kojic-Bar is an...
Apartments Kojic, Bar is a guesthouse in Bar. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Vila Jadran

78 /100

Guest Rating

Vila Jadran

Villa Jadran is only 397 m from the beach and 519 m from Bar's center. Renovated in 2013, it offers homey decorated rooms. Fasade renovated in 2016. Rooms at Villa Jadran have refrigerator, air conditioning, balcony(private or shared) and satellite TV. Some units have kitchenette. Toiletries an...
Vila Jadran is a guesthouse in Bar. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Apartments Andra

76 /100

Guest Rating

Apartments Andra

Apartments Andra are located in Susanj, a famous touristic place in Bar! We are located 450 meters from pebbly beach, which is famous for pine forests in which you can rest all the day, without fear of the very hot summer sun. All apartments have a bathroom, kitchen, one or two bedrooms, TV,...
Apartments Andra is a apartment in Bar. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Namaste Hostel

69 /100

Guest Rating

Namaste Hostel

Welcome to Namaste Hostel! We are an eco-friendly place in Bar, Montenegro, situated close to city beaches. It's prime isolated location makes it ideal to relax, find tranquility and enjoy among friends. Train and Bus Station are 10 minutes away on foot. Amazing beaches and bars are only a fe...
Namaste Hostel is a hostel in Bar. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Villa Mediha Memovic Nikicic

0 /100

Guest Rating

Villa Mediha Memovic Nikicic

Guesthouse Mediha Nikicic is located in Bar. Showcasing a sun terrace and views of the sea. It is close to family-friendly activities. My place is good for couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, families (with kids), big groups, and furry friends (pets). The Guesthouse is located in a ver...
Villa Mediha Memovic Nikicic is a hotel in Bar. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Apartment Filip

0 /100

Guest Rating

Apartment Filip

Our Apartment Filipi is located at a distance of 350 feet in the urban area of Susanj A Beach with pine trees in the background provideS a pleasant ambience and comfortable place to vacation. Near the house there is a mini market and parking is provided next to the house. We offer studio...
Apartment Filip is a apartment in Bar. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Things to see and do while backpacking in Bar, Montenegro.

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Live Music at Bookstore

This bar rocks the island! Everyone is drinking unthinkable amounts of alcohol while a cool band is playing. The best musicians of the island are always there. They play reggae, ska and rock & roll. It is well known for the great cocktails and yeah.. is full of books everywhere that someone must read… or it is just for decoration (?)


Where to eat

When in Aguas Calientes we always ate at the hotel, but up in Machu Picchu you have two options: Tinkuy Restaurant: It’s in the Sanctuary Lodge Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in Machu Picchu and the only one that’s up there next to the city. I’m not the biggest fan of buffets and this one was pretty expensive (around 40USD), but it was also really good. There are two big self-service counters, but basically all I ate was ceviche. Ceviche was basically all I ate in Peru. No regrets. One thing that annoyed me was the live traditional music. Not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that there were about 200 people in the restaurant so the music became just noise. Machu Picchu Snack Bar: Though it is really hard to get a table, as there aren’t many available, it was really good. Things were kinda overpriced, but that’s to be expected when it’s one of the only 2 restaurant options up there. They served basic stuff like burgers, sandwiches, pies, pizza and some pastries. My burger was great. How long to stay The most common way that people do Machu Picchu is by taking the train early in the morning (We had to wake up at 4), visit Machu Picchu and head back to Cuzco after lunch. As I don’t enjoy rushing through things, especially a place like Machu Picchu, we decided to stay for 2 nights. We already had a guided visit booked though, so on the first day we followed our group until they left at around 2pm. The guided visit was fine, and I totally recommend getting one. You get a map there, but you don’t get any explanations unless you have a guide. It was really interesting and we got to ask questions, but had I left after that I would’ve left disappointed. As you can imagine, Machu Picchu is huge. Besides what the guide will show you, there’s lots more you can see, and some great (short) trails too. I highly recommend that you stay at least one night so you can enjoy it all.

Ana Carolina Caumo

Things to do during the night.

1) Cinemark Theaters: Last October, a new cinema opened. Cinemark cinema consists of 12 screens with electronic reclining chairs in every theater in tandem with wall to wall and floor to ceiling screens and surround sound. It also has its own bar where you can buy food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Fiore Baronetti

Place to Stay


1. Take a Tour Through the Historic Center

To go through this magical journey through time I would recommend you to start your tour in Las Aguas transmilenio station, and to walk from there to El Chorro de Quevedo. It is only a ten minute walk that will take you across El parque de los Periodistas (the journalists park) and through beautiful small colonial streets and houses. El Chorro de Quevedo is a relatively small plaza with a small church that is surrounded by bars, coffee houses, and some restaurants. But what is important about this place is not just the beauty of its architecture, but the fact that Bogota was founded in this small plaza almost 500 years ago in 1538 by the Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada.

Andrea Ruiz

To-Do’s Signature to Columbia:

Mizzou Homecoming Game 2015 Check out upcoming events and concerts at The Blue Note: There is almost always something going on at The Blue Note and what is better is you will often be surprised by the famous bands for as cheap as $20 Get the college experience with a pregame and Mizzou football game: Ask any student in Columbia, they will tell you Mizzou football is a must-see if you are visiting during the season. Don’t feel like spending the money? Luckily, many broke college students have the same idea so the bars are swarming with fans during games and give a truly exciting atmosphere. The Pinnacles

The Poorest Tourist

The Travel Cycle

The travel cycle is something I’ve mentioned briefly in various other posts. This is where you meet an individual or group of people who you connect with, travel with for a few days, weeks or even months and then you have to part ways. It really really sucks. For me, this has been the hardest part of travelling. Not the awkward food requirements, the language barrier, the losing my bank card, the weird Chinese guy at the laundromat currently sat next to me chatting me up, but the attachment issues. I’ve always struggled with this, and I feel like this is why I’ve never really had very successful relationships. I am surprisingly picky with who I form bonds with, that is… I find it difficult to find people I don’t pick faults in. So when I find these people, I subconsciously latch on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not clingy… I just find it very easy to get along with people I want to get along with, then very hard to say goodbye to said people.

Daisy Mullins


once reaching the top, you have plenty of options. On the right you see temporarily built shacks for eating snacks and coffee/tea. On the right, you see a miniature amusement park, where Go-Karting is a must try. One can also find a Snow-view guest house and a bar on the top. The real attraction is the Snow view point from where you could see the mighty Himalayas on a fairly clear day. I would recommend you to talk to locals, asking for a suggestion or two about things you could do and places you can go from here.


a local’s guide to NZ’s capital city

If you are a fan of beer, you’re in the right place. As the country’s craft beer capital, you can snag a map at one of the many beer bars and tour breweries, beer bars, grabbing stamps to complete the beer trail [www.craftbeercaptial]. My favorite spot, just voted the best beer bar in Welly, is a hidden, underground bar tucked in an alley. Hashigo Zake offers 11 taps that are always rotating from the USA, Australia, Europe, and of course New Zealand. Catch live jazz tunes in their lounge every Saturday.


What to Eat

For a small town Nelson has a lot of yummy cuisine on offer, from Chinese takeaway and kiwi fish n chips to fancy upper class restaurants there is no shortage of dining options. Enjoy a drink in a nice bar by the beach or sit outside in the centre of town on a clear night.

Kristina Eddy

Things to do

Other things you can do in Celestun is walk along the beach and collect shells.  If you see a starfish don’t pick it up and disturb it from its natural environment.  If you do take it, there is long process involved for cleaning and preserving the shell.  You would have to ask one of the craftsman to help you with that for 200 pesos.  This isn’t recommended because it kills the starfish, better to leave it there.  At night, there is a pier at which you will have the opportunity to admire the stars and the peaceful water.  If you still have energy at the end of your long day, there will be a local bar in front of the park playing reggaeton and other latin music.  You can hang out with friendly locals, dance, and drink beer.

Alex Levin

Where to drink:

Kazimierz district has been the centre of Jewish life for over 500 years. During the communist era  was falling in disrepair but it became a very popular and touristic place also thanks to Spielberg’s “Schindler List”. What I love the most in this district was the decadent atmosphere of the locals. I literally spent most of my time in this district sipping tea or drinking mulled wine in some of those bars. When visiting this district don’t miss


Cowboy Jacks

Downtown Minneapolis offers a variety of options for a lively night out but I prefer the more laid back, Cowboy Jacks Bar and Grill.

Janelle Markgren

1. Explore historical part of the city

If you are going to visit any church, make sure that it is St. Jacob´s. At the first glance, this eighteenth-century Baroque cathedral looks just like another historical church or cathedral that you have already seen many times before. However, there is something special about it. Look at the ceiling of frescos which consists of three cupolas that are decorated with colourful paintings. Those three cupolas are just visual perception. There is just one cupola real and it´s the one above Communion table. The other two are just painted to look like real cupolas.

Klara Unzeitigova


One of the things I remember from my first city to Florence very well is the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo as the sun was beginning to set. Take the chance take a walk just outside of the city and up the steps to this large square that overlooks the city. You are sure to be amazed by the unexpected size of Il Duomo. I can never get enough pictures of this view. After lots of historic and cultural information being bombarded at you in this city, the boboli gardens can also be a great place to relax and see some of the beautiful landscaping that the Medici’s did back in the day. I have had the chance to see the surrounding areas of the city as well and you don’t have to go far to see some of the cute little towns surrounding the city as well as beautiful areas in the hills. If you have the chance it’s very easy to bike or drive out of the city and see the beautiful scenery that surrounds the city in the hills. This can give some beautiful views of the city as well.



The beach is located at the end of Av Camp de Morvedre opposite of Sagunto. As mentioned above, the beach stretches for 1.2km along the Balearic Sea. During the summer months, the beach is lined with wooden board walks, contains pop up bars on the sand, play structures, volleyball and football nets, washrooms, a wheel chair accessible area, and designated swimming areas. By the end of September, all amenities are removed. Remaining is a vast, clear area of white sand with the play structures and sports nets remaining. There is a beautiful formation of rocks on one side of the beach that creates a popular fishing spot. Also popular for sitting and watching the waves crash against the rocks. It is not hard to spend a full day at the Puerto Sagunto beach swimming, relaxing, playing, drinking, or eating!


What to eat and drink?

Again, Sonoma County does not disappoint in this category. Any foodie or casual diner will find some of the best food, wine, and beer in the world. Spend a day wine tasting around the region, sampling hors’douvres and the chardonnays, zinfandels, and pinots that have made the region famous. For a unique experience, try Jacuzzi Winery and the Olive Press, which share a location. In their beautiful courtyards on Sunday, they have fresh thin-crust pizza available for lunch to enjoy with their wine. A stroll into the Olive Press’s artisanal olive oil shop will open up a world you did not know existed, a world of high-quality olive oil and balsamic vinegars and unique flavor combinations that will change the way you see these essential ingredients. For another great wine-and-food experience, try Baci wine bar in Healdsburg. This beautiful spot has been quickly gaining accolades in the region.

Melanie Mazza

Camden Markets

Camden is a borough of London, situated in the north west of the city, close to Kings Cross, Euston and Hampstead Heath. The markets that brought the town it’s recognition remain, the oldest spanning a century, although their current formats have been gradually expanding since the 70’s. Although now increasingly commercial, the markets are still a huge part of the town and are a popular spot for tourists visiting the city. In the past 6 months the has been a gradual closure of the Camden Lock market (one of 6 on the street) whilst the land is handed over to developers who plan to regenerate the area, evoking mixed feelings from residents. At present, all that is clear is that what was once a vibrant market full of life is now a muddy building site surrounded by great barriers the spirit of the town has tried so hard to break down. Despite it’s current conflicts, there are many things Camden Town has to offer to take you just outside the realm of tourist and into something a little deeper.

Girl On The Road

2. Pastifico

If you choose to eat-in (there is a small bar area for standing only) then you also receive a glass of the house wine. Alternatively, you can take your to-go box of pasta two minutes down the road to Piazza di Spagna where you can sit down, take in the amazing buildings and watch the tourist circus run around the Spanish Steps.

Giorgia Beasley

Don’t Be Foolish!

Although there are hundreds of places/things to do that can be recommended in a place like Bondi, but below are 10 extremely special examples. The suburb is so tailored to tourists that there is a precious place for everyone to enjoy. Bondi Iceberg Pool. Bondi Iceberg Club (My favourite moment of my travels, was drinking a cold beer watching the effects the sunset had on such a beautiful location.) Go for a group surf lesson. Ben Buckler. The Bucketlist Bar. Bondi Pavillion (The art galleries are amazing!). Go for the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. Bondi Ink Get up early and simply sit on the Beach (Exercise central as the sun rises) Noah’s Backpackers (People are simply amazing) My Favourite Visits Personally I have had multiple exciting visits down to Bondi. They are experiences that have shaped my travels into a massive success. Although you don’t know much about me prior to these stories, I hope they don’t shape your opinion of me into one of the most uncool individuals to ever set foot upon the golden sands of Sydney.

Harry Farrant

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