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Innsbruck, Monaco, San Candido – An adventure Christmas weekend

Christmas markets through San Candido, Innsbruck and Monaco Planning the great escape View from Monte Elmo If someone does not know, northern Italy, Austria and Germany are famous, during Christmas period, for their theme markets, where you can find a lot of different typical food and particular Christmas presents. The atmosphere is very joyful and unique, red, green and white are dominant colors and make you feel the happiness of Christmas time. So under the desire of feeling part of this joy, we began to organize an escape-weekend to visit the markets. We did not want to lose any of those beautiful experiences, so we organized very rich schedule. The adventure began in the middle of a Friday night: we left Bologna at 2 a.m. in order to be in Innsbruck in early morning, have enough time to visit it, reach Monaco in afternoon, visit the markets, sleep there and then, the day after, leave for San Candido. I understand that this could sound a little bit crazy, in fact I suggest you to visit the same places slowly to enjoy them completely, but still, if you are crazy as much as we are (and you do not have much time), this “squeezed” experience will be unique! Innsbruck, Austria As I said before, we arrived in Innsbruck in early morning so we could admire how the city wakes up, we reached a very cute café were we had breakfast and there, we waited. Slowly every shop began to open, so we went out to explore. Innsbruck's details We visited the markets but without forgetting some of the typical places of Innsbruck, as Goldenes Dachl, Palais Trapp and the Inn’s bridge. It was very cold so I suggest to bring with you proper clothing, however, even if in early morning weather didn’t seem good, at 10 a.m. sun suddenly began to shine, and the climate became more temperate. Unfortunately, we arrived there too early to find open all the markets, but still, we enjoyed the city from a particular point of view. Inn river Monaco, Germany If we were enough lucky with the traffic on the way of Innsbruck, the road to Monaco was not that merciful. Our schedule shifted of two hours, and we arrived in Monaco in late afternoon, but at least the landscape from the car was always interesting: typical mountain houses, trees and snow everywhere! On the road to Monaco Once arrived in Monaco, we decide to recover in the hotel for some hours and visit the city after dinner.  We ate in a typical alehouse with pretzel, sausages and beers, and then, we went to explore the city and the last open markets. We were too tired to enjoy the nightlife of Monaco, but we saw Marienplatz, the Hofbräuhaus, the Frauenkirche and some other typical places, very picturesque in the dark! Monaco's details I suggest you to try […]

When in Monaco Part 1: Monaco Ville – the fairy tale

If you want to feel like you are in a fairy tale, but still – a very real and luxurious one, Monaco is the right place for you! Still a principality, governed by prince who inherits the throne from his father, Monaco is at the same time one of the wealthiest, most expensive and most prestigious countries to live in in Europe. Condamine port With only 2 sq km land, the principality has a lot to show and to offer to its visitors. First of all, there are several ways to get to Monaco. It only borders France and the sea, so you can either come from France by plane to the nearest airport Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur, by car or by bus, or from the Mediterranean sea by cruise. If you come with a car, I recommend taking the Moyenne corniche coming from Nice – it is the most picturesque way to get to Monaco. Of course you can hire your own helicopter  or yacht and arrive directly to the principality. It’s your choice 😛 Once you’ve arrived, the first thing you would notice is that the space in Monaco is very limited, but very well used. There are several big underground parking lots for cars and buses. Some of them have several levels, so a lot of vehicles can park here. That’s how the principality manages to have all its guests all at the same time. There is a good public transport system as well and the price of bus ticket  is about 2 euro. Fontvieille Port Monaco is divided in several  quarters, but I will take you trough the four most famous if them: the old part – Monaco Ville, situated on the rock (‘la rocher’); Monte Carlo, where one of the most famous casinos in the world is situated; Fontvieille with Louis II stadium and Condamine – the central quarter with the port. You have to decide what you want to do and see – because Monaco is small, but 1 day is not enough to see everything. Monaco Ville My advice is to start with Monaco Ville. It is situated on a high rock and here you can see the three biggest sights in Monaco – The Castle, The Oceanographic museum and the Cathedral. When Francesco Grimaldi conquered the city at the end of XIIIc., he took the former Genoese fortress as a residency. (In fact, Grimaldi is an Italian family, who was exiled from Genoa. Francesco Grimaldi managed to enter Monaco dressed like a monk. After a period of Genoa and Aragon rule, Grimaldi took back the government in 1419 and rule the principality ever since). Today the Eastern part of the Castle, ‘’Palais Princier’’, imitates the old Genoese fortress. The prince and his family live in the Palais, but part of it is open for visitors. The entrance fee includes audio-guide in different languages that would get you trough the palace and its history. You […]

Nice, Eze, and Monaco… In One Day!

So Much to See, So Little Time So, you're lucky enough to find yourself in the south of France. Perhaps you've taken a cruise along the French Rivera, or are just visiting for a day or two. One thing's for sure: you do not have much time! Luckily, if you plan wisely and wear supportive shoes, you can see the beach town of Nice, the medieval town of Eze and ju st about all of Monaco in the course of just one day!   Getting the bus Eze's yellow church The great thing about Nice is that there is only one tram line that traverses the whole city from east to west. No matter where you start from, just catch the tram to the Vauban stop – this is where the gare routière (bus terminal) is. Another great thing about Nice? You can use your tram ticket to get to Eze! Each public transport ticket is good for 74 minutes after validation. From Vauban, you take line 112 to Monaco (Moyen Corniche) and get off at the stop named Eze Village. A few important points about the bus: There are several other stops on other bus lines that also have Eze in the name, so pay attention! Eze Village will take you to the city of Eze; other stops will leave you with a significant hike up a mountain to get to the city itself. The bus will allow passengers on, but not off, the bus for the first several stops. Don't panic! You'll be able to get off at Eze Village without any problems. Just don't try to use the 112 to get around the city; take the tram or a different line. Line 112 only runs Monday through Saturday, so if you're traveling on a Sunday be sure to find an alternate route. Although there are bus lines that run more frequently and on Sundays, I like the 112 because it is nice and simple – you only have to remember one bus number and keep track of one timetable. When I travel, simplicity reigns supreme! Then, from Eze Village, you can take the bus to Monte Carlo. The bus stop is actually right in front of the Monaco Office of Tourism, so you'll be able to get your map and ask any questions you might have first thing! A proposed timeline The bus leaves Nice about every two hours. Here is my proposed schedule, but a complete timetable for bus line 112 can be found here. 9 am – leave Nice for Eze Village 9:30 am – arrive Eze 11:30 am – Leave Eze for Monaco 11:50 am – arrive Monaco The view from Les jardins exotiques 5:15 pm – leave Monaco for Nice 6:20 pm – arrive back to Nice to eat dinner and watch the sunset on the beach But what should we do?? So I may have gotten a little ahead of myself. When I'm traveling, worrying about the minute details of the trip can take all the fun out of going […]
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