Malawi Travel Guides for Backpackers

Nkhata Bay, Malawi: What makes it a place to be?

  Yet another one of the ‘poorest’ countries in the world that’s made my life richer. Kindest people, mesmerising landscape, delicious food and authentic, laid back energy. I’ve always been favouring this continent over the others and it instantly felt like home. And it actually became my home. Well, one of them.   The warm heart of Africa Firstly, I would like to say a few words about Malawi or as they call it – the warm heart of Africa. This nickname certainly does justice because the people are so astonishingly kind and friendly it makes travelling even more enjoyable. […]
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The best lodge in northern Malawi

While Malawi has slowly been making its way up as a prime African destination, the northern shores of its homonymous lake remain largely unexplored, partly because of how difficult it is to access them. Getting there The easiest way to explore Lake Malawi north of Nkhata Bay is to grab the Ilala Ferry, which runs surprisingly smoothly and follows a very clear schedule. If you’re proactive enough to take it from Nkhata Bay on a Sunday morning at 5am, you’ll disembark on the white shores of Usisya, a heavenly place about 20 km north of Nkhata Bay, at around 9AM, […]
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Top 3 Budget Lodges in Malawi

Most first time travellers to Africa will hardly have heard of Malawi at all, if not for the disastrous flooding that hit the country in March 2019. Now more than ever Malawi deserves exposure to international travellers: a boost in its tourism industry could only but help this beautiful, yet very underdeveloped African country. Read on for your ultimate guide to the top 3 budget lodges across Malawi, from campsites perched on the cliffs jutting out onto immense Lake Malawi, to safari camps in recently redeveloped Liwonde National Park. Africa Wild Truck, Mulanje Africa Wild Truck offers guided walks in […]
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Malawi – Unforgettable Memories

Malawi, nicknamed The Warm Heart of Africa! The name 'Malawi' comes from Chichewa for flames of fire.  This is because of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that is seen over Lake Malawi. Despite being the smallest country in Africa, it contains Africa's 3rd largest lake also known as the Calendar Lake because it's 365 miles from top to bottom, 52 miles at it's widest point and 12 main rivers flow into the lake. Every time anyone talks about Malawi, I remember the overwhelming memories from my childhood – the school I went to, my friends, our frequent visits to the lake and wildlife safaris.  The […]
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Africa – the Beginning of a Lifetime Adventure

Imagine you are an eleven year old child who has never traveled further than his home country. Your school friends tell each other stories about holiday adventures. Distance of five hundred kilometers traveled with your parents is very impressive. Especially, if you are a lucky family, who actually owns a car. Now imagine, there is no internet and no mobile phones. School becomes your window to the world. Some of your friends boast about having relatives living a rich and prosperous life in a far far away land. Sounds like a fairy tale to a young mind. One day your […]
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