Macedonia Travel Guides for Backpackers

Things to do in Ohrid, the pearl of North Macedonia

Being Macedonian means taking part in the Balkan countries that are known for many things. Mostly they are characterized with incredible nature, stunning landscapes, tasty and greasy food, happy and welcoming people, history, beautiful lakes. Speaking of lakes, right on the border between North Macedonia and Albania lays the deepest lakes in Balkan, the oldest and one of the most unique lakes in Europe. This beauty is shared by three towns: Ohrid and Struga in the Republic of North Macedonia and Podgradec in Albania. So, visiting Ohrid means you can easily check on the other two cities. Ohrid is being called […]
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How to spend four days in Skopje if you are a first-timer

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, is the largest and definitely the most developed city in the country.  A great mixture of tradition and actuality flows along the largest river in the state, Vardar. It has huge cultural diversity and a controversial history. Skopje, the city where the Macedonians, Albanians, Turks live in a peaceful harmony can offer you a worth lifetime experience. Here is my example what not to miss when in Skopje. City center The Stone Bridge in the city center connects the authentic Skopje Old Bazar on one side with the modern controversial side on the other. Therefore, […]
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Ohrid: A Cultural Getaway By The Lake

Whether you enjoy relaxing walks, adrenaline filled adventures or anything in between, Ohrid is a must place to visit this summer. Nested in the mountainous region of Macedonia, it is considered as one of the many hidden gems in the Balkans. It’s assumed that the city was named Ohrid because it’s located on a hill or “rid” – Macedonian word for a hill. The so-called “pearl of Ohrid” – Ohrid Lake is the biggest lake in Macedonia with an area of 358km2, on 695m above sea level, with a maximum depth of 286m and a perimeter of 87.53km. A unique […]
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The Old Cave Churches of Macedonia

Macedonia is a small country placed on the Balkan Peninsula, sandwiched between Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania. Although small, the country abounds in beautiful natural landscapes thanks to the numerous mountains and lakes. It also is a home of historical and cultural places and sites, such as the unique Orthodox churches, some of which have remained untouched for centuries. Nobody knows how many churches there are in Macedonia. Indeed, it is believed that there are 365 churches only around Lake Ohrid. You can find churches all around the country and you can find them on some really unusual spots […]
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Skopje, City in the heart of the Balkans

Most of you probably never heard about Skopje, and this is one of the reasons I am sharing this story with you, and other reason is because of my opinion that “the place from where the traveling begins, and you’ve “traveled” most of the days in your life, is part of you.” So here it is. Skopje is proud to be the capital of a small country on the Balkans called Macedonia, and yet if you have never heard of it as well, there is a commercial on CNN called “Macedonia timeless”. If you search for Macedonia on a map, […]
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