Luxembourg Travel Guides for Backpackers

Luxembourg – a must-see destination in Europe

If you are planning a Europe tour, then I will recommend Luxembourg (the country and city), for your must-see list of destinations. To say the least, Luxembourg is like an unexplored but brilliant gem, hidden amongst its more famous neighbours: Belgium, France, and Germany. During my many years of work and stay in the Benelux region (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) I had the good fortune of visiting this scenic country, more than once. Otherwise, as a travel and tourism destination, Luxembourg often gets overlooked, by international tourists. But in recent years, Luxembourg or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (official […]
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Why Luxembourg should be on everyone's travel list

So that’s it – you decided that you want to travel to Europe and you are looking at destinations. There is Germany, France, Belgium and – right there in the middle of them – a tiny little sport called Luxembourg. 2586 km2. 82 x 57 km. Only Grand-Duchy in the world but with probably the most castles per inhabitant (Vianden castle – I’m looking at you).  Why should you visit this tiny little bit of land? What is there to do? Well read on – you will be surprised: Top 5 Reasons to visit Luxembourg UNESCO – World Heritage The […]
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Grund District – The Beautiful Lower Town of Luxembourg

On my recent trip to Europe, my family and I had planned to visit 5 countries, of which Luxembourg wasn’t in the picture at all. But its neighbors, Belgium and France were. So my Father decided that we should visit this country too, because it was just a 2 hour train ride away from France, and more the places you visit, the merrier, or so they say. And believe me or not, this place definitely captured our hearts and minds and undoubtedly stood out from the rest. No, I’m not talking about the entire country of Luxembourg because it definitely […]
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Exploring Luxembourg in a Weekend

Seeing all of Luxembourg in a weekend is impossible, even though it’s one of the smallest countries in the world. The country is only 2 586 square kilometers yet has its own language- Luxembourgish. Everyone there typically speaks at least two if not all of the four languages including Luxembourgish, German, French, and English. Luxembourg has a mix of cultures, making it interesting and unique to travel to.   To explore the best of Luxembourg in one weekend, I’d recommend staying one day in Luxembourg City and one day on a roadtrip around the countryside.   Day 1 – Exploring […]
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Well… Luxembourg. When I told my friends I’m moving to Luxembourg the most common reaction was “Is it somewhere in Belgium?” Well, the answer is no. Luxembourg is a separate country although it is rather small and borders with Belgium :) I moved in last November, I’m not a tourist in Luxembourg, but since it is not my home town I had to get used to it. And to explore it. And to understand how to use it for good of my family (I moved with 2 kids, the third was born here). After almost a year spent in Ville […]
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