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The Best Sightseeing Spots in Riga, Latvia

The Latvian capital Riga is well known for it’s historical and cultural diversity. Having the finest collection of Art Nouveau buildings, hosting the world’s largest amateur Song and Dance Festival and being home of the oldest beer brewery in Northern Europe says it all – the city has everything it takes to impress its visitors, regardless of the type of travellers they are. Sightseeing hotspot for architecture lovers Within its 800 years of being the heart of the Baltics region, Riga has experienced the change of power, multiple historical battles and, consequently, the cityscape has been influenced by various cultures.  […]
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  If you’re thinking about spending a few days in the Latvian capital, you’re holding a good idea. I got the opportunity to spend two semesters there as Erasmus student, and I had much more fun that I had hoped for! Many things make it a paradise for students: delicious and cheap food, international and welcoming local students, a print shop open 24 hours (I don’t know why but I really liked the concept), and an amazingly rich culture: BALLETS AT THE NATIONAL OPERA OF LATVIA Whether you like ballets or not, there are several good reasons for you to […]
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Welcome to Riga 101: tips from a local

Riga is probably not your first destination choice on a trip through Europe, but if it has landed in your travel route, congratulations – you’ve chosen wisely! Riga is often called the “hidden gem” of the Baltics, or Europe, even. Paradoxically, a part of what makes it a gem is the fact that it’s hidden. Though the city receives many visitors, it is nowhere near as many as other, more iconic European cities do. What makes Riga a good choice for a holiday is it’s balancing identity as a metropolitan social hub and a rather small, peaceful city (on a […]
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Latvia : The uniqueness of Riga

Latvia : The uniqueness of Riga Most of the people around USA probably would be slightly confused hearing the word “Latvia”, not even talking about its capital Riga. Yes, it definitely is a small country, needless to say – quite unpopular. However, you might be missing a lot if you decide not to bother visiting it. This time I would like to talk specifically about my hometown – the capital of Latvia – Riga. Old Riga First things first, if you are planing a trip to Riga, it would be a complete shame not to visit Old Riga – the […]
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