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Kyrgyzstan: get prepared for a nomadic holiday

Who doesn’t love craziness? It was an average winter day with minus 25 C degrees at the beginning of January 2017 when I was hiking in the Austrian Alps with one of my friends and a group of enthusiastic strangers. We were waiting for the open lift when our tour guide spontaneously started to share his plan for organizing an absolutely non-ordinary, special edition summer camp, a nomadic holiday in Kyrgyzstan. He hadn’t worked out the whole plan yet, just wanted to see if there was any interest in such kind of holidays. It is not so obvious that there is anyone in their right mind who chooses challenges on purpose for their vacation days instead of simply having a rest lying on the beach. You need to have the little devil inside whispering ‘leave your comfort zone, you will be thankful to me’, otherwise it is craziness. It was craziness indeed, but who doesn’t want some excitement in life? I fell in love with the word nomadic. What can a hiking trip in Kyrgyzstan offer? A place which is not yet crowded by tourists. National parks and gorgeous mountains which don’t give themselves easily due to the lack of infrastructure. Local people who are still unselfish and friendly and host you like it was their honor to have you as a guest even if they live in a much more humble way than you. The smell of adventure and unique experience. A place where money is not enough to get you to a scene where you can shoot your next best Insta photo without efforts. It requires sweat and blood to give beauty in return. We couldn’t help feeling the excitement in a second. If you are not an Olympic sports hero just an average person but dream of doing something extraordinary to feel alive, you have to jump on these opportunities. The tour was available for application in a week and our names were on the list one day later. It was an easy decision. Until we realized what nomadic means in reality. When you think you have prepared for the trip Our flight to Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan was at the end of July with a transfer through Istanbul. Our trip was planned for 9 days, falling on hot summer days in Kyrgyzstan. However, we were preparing for all circumstances as we had accommodation in the hills in traditional yurts and tents and you can never know how the weather decided to change from one hour to the next. My friend and I are both spending most of our working hours next to a laptop, so we needed some properly planned and delivered training to get into a fit status before the trip. We did all of them conscientiously. We also bought the usually advised list of medicine, got vaccinations and packed all the necessary hiking equipment. We also had some prior hiking experience – absolutely at an amateur level -, but at that stage, we thought […]
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