Kosovo Travel Guides for Backpackers

Prizren- The Kosovar gem that you must see

Last year, I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful city with a good friend of mine while making a mini trip through Kosovo and Macedonia. Many people overlook Kosovo as a travel destination because of its turbulent history from the late 1990s. It has only been a country for a little more than a decade and only recognized by 2/3s of the UN member state. Kosovo carries different connations and sparks many debates, and many leave it out of their travel plans. This needs to change.  From a non-political standpoint, everyone traveling through the Balkans should not miss giving Kosovo […]
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A Prowl Around Pristina

Libraries of Lego I arrived in Pristina from Belgrade in the early evening and set out for a quick amble around some of the easiest to reach sites. I walked a long way down Bill Clinton Boulevard to find the statue of the man himself. It turned out to be smaller than I had expected (as it is often boasted about to be the largest in the world which I realised in hindsight was simply a generous way of saying that if any other statues of Bill exist, they must be very small indeed). After underwhelming myself with my first […]
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