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Tips you should know before your first time in Astana

Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan only for 20 years. During this time, it has grown from a small town with 300,000 citizens into a futuristic city where people flock from all over the country. This is the place of inspiration for businessmen and artists, and for tourists who are ready to break the stereotypes about the nomads of Central Asia. I would like to give you some tips that will make your trip to Astana enjoyable and productive. Choose the right time Astana is known as the second coldest capital in the world, so better plan your visit […]
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Astana – Kazakhstan's glittering capital

If you’re coming to visit Kazakhstan soon, probably your first destination will be its’ capital – Astana.  Astana is the fast developing modern city in Central Asia, and best known for it’s futuristic and cutting-edge buildings. Since I moved to Astana 10 years ago, I was observing how fast the city is growing each year. It’s so fascinating to witness changes happening every year, so I wanted to share with you the best ways to enjoy your holidays in Astana. A bit of history As you already may know, Astana is a very young city which became capital in 1997. Before becoming capital, it’s […]
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