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Omotenashi LAB

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Omotenashi LAB

Omotenashi LAB, opened in April 2015, is located at Sakura which is close to Narita Airport (20 minutes by train) and has a good access to Tokyo area such as Ueno and Asakusa. There is a one room with 5 two-bunk beds in the dormitory, and toilet and shower facilities are available at the joint. E...
Omotenashi LAB is a hostel in Sakura. Check Hostelworld for prices.


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Early March-Mid April

Nara Park is a prime Hanami (flower-viewing) spot during Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season, with many locations to view the beautiful flowers. Many tourists make their way to the park in order to enjoy the 1,700 Cherry Blossom trees in the Park. Sakura season usually occurs anytime between the end of March to the start of April. The tricky part of planning your trip around a Hanami is that Sakura is shy, and due to changing temperatures, it is often hard to predict in advance just exactly when they will bloom. When I arrived, I was about a week too early for the peak of the Sakura bloom. But I was lucky enough to see some early bloomers.


Step into a flowery world in Hamamatsu Flower Park

Hamamatsu Flower Park is open all throughout the year, and the flowers growing are dependent on the season. During the end of February and mid-March, park is ablaze with red, white, and pink plum blossoms. During the cherry blossom season, Hamamatsu Flower Park is an excellent viewing spot compared to the overcrowded cities. You can see Yoshino cherry trees and double cherry blossoms covering the area. However, Hamamatsu Flower Park is home to the Kanzanji Sakura and Hiyoko Sakura, which blossoms in February and is not available elsewhere in Japan. We went a week before cherry blossom season, so the cherry blossoms haven’t bloomed completely yet, save for those two Sakura, but the flowering trees still offered a nice backdrop. So if you miss the cherry blossom period by coming too early, this is a good place to drop by. They also have evening viewings during the season where the area will be illuminated.

Lev Leetian

Cherry Blossom viewing

Hiking in spring offers you a fabulous opportunity to view Japan’s famous Sakura (cherry blossom flowers). The hike up Miyogisan provides fabulous views of rocky mountains and sharp peaks. A great time to try this trail would be from mid to late April (depending on how early spring arrives) to witness the flowers in full bloom. Another option for cherry blossom viewing would be to visit the Komoro castle (a 3o minute drive from Karuizawa) for half a day. There are a vast number of stores selling fresh handmade soba noodles, which you can top off with a ‘soft cream’ ice cream cone. The most common flavor is vanilla, but if you’re lucky, you may find a place selling cherry blossom flavored ice cream! Be sure to carry a light sweater in this weather, as it may still be a bit chilly. Either ways – no matter what season you visit Karuizawa in, you’re sure to be enamored with its clean air, hospitable residents, and picturesque landscapes. Make sure you’ve dressed appropriately and your camera is charged!

Abha Awasthi

5. Philosopher’s Path

A quick walk from the gates of Ginkakuji Temple is the famous Philosopher’s Path. It’s a 1.8 kilometer path that leads to the neighborhood of Nanzenji. It was named after the famous Japanese philosopher, Nishida Kitaro. It was believed that this was the route Nishida walks everyday to practice meditation while on his way to Kyoto University. It is best to visit this site during the Sakura season as it follows a canal lined up with Cherry Trees exploding with cherry flowers. If you are lucky, you will get to see large Kois gracefully swimming along the canals.

Dudz Buhisan

What to look for

It is possible to rent a room for at least a month, and for me that was cheaper than any other option (average of around 1500 yen per night), as I was staying for 3 months. No deposit, key money or extra charges, besides a comparatively small agency fee (around 5000 yen). The agencies, which offer similar options, are Oak House and Sakura House, but there are many others. Google it, after a short search you will have the general idea.


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