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The best backpackers destinations & accommodation in Kanagawa, Japan.

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Top 2 hostels in Kanagawa, Japan.

These are the 2 most awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Kanagawa, Japan.

IZA Enoshima Guesthouse & Bar

74 /100

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IZA Enoshima Guesthouse & Bar

IZA Enoshima Guesthouse & BarA is a guesthouse on the road way to Enoshima and just 3 mins walk from Enoshima station. We are on the centre of the shopping street, no matter you want to go the station, to the sea or Enoshima, we are your best choice. Stay in IZA Enoshima Guesthouse & Bar, you can ea...
IZA Enoshima Guesthouse & Bar is a hostel in Kanagawa. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Vanguard Backpackers

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Vanguard Backpackers

I traveled around the world past 9 years and been to 92 countries so far. While I was traveling, open my backpackers became one of my dreams! I’m ex-professional boxer and teaching boxing was my job while I was in abroad. So, I put FREE boxing training in the morning. Stay fit while traveling!...
Vanguard Backpackers is a hostel in Kanagawa. Check Hostelworld for prices.


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Day 3 – Yokohama (Chinatown) & Shinjuku

Yokohama, in the Kanagawa Prefecture, is approximately a half an hour train ride away from the main Tokyo city. Yokohama will give you a completely different atmosphere as compared to the busy and fast-moving city, where things are tad bit slower. I made my way to the famous Ramen Museum to check out the best range of ramen stalls available in one space. The Ramen Museum was in a small double-storey, enclosed area, with a single route that brings you through a short history of ramen and its evolution. Themed in an olden-day set, the museum makes you feel like you’re in another world on its own. Don’t forget to eat some of the best ramen available in the museum!

Cynthia Voon

Mt. Takatori – Kanagawa Prefecture

Here are two simple inspirations that I tried out myself!! EASY DAY TRIPS FROM TOKYO: Mt. Takatori – Kanagawa Prefecture (About 1 hour away from Shinagawa Station – Keikyu Line- get off at Jimmuji Station)


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