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The best backpackers destinations & accommodation in Dead Sea, Israel.

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Top 4 hostels in Dead Sea, Israel.

These are the 4 most awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Dead Sea, Israel.


90 /100

Guest Rating

Shkedi's Camplodge

Shkedis CampLodge is located south of the Dead Sea, and is ideal for hosting backpackers, families and small groups. We offer private wooden cabins and stylish bungalows (dorms & private). You are bound to have a unique experience in a place that cherishes and compliments nature and the beautiful...
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HI Ein Gedi

87 /100

Guest Rating

HI Ein Gedi

HI Ein Gedi resides at the lowest place in the world, facing the Dead Sea. Above it soar the Yehuda Desert cliffs. 87 rooms with A/C, shower and bathroom, T.V., coffee set and mini bar (in some). Some of the rooms have a private balcony looking over the Dead Sea. 3 Halls with audiovisual eq...
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HI Massada

84 /100

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HI Massada

HI Massada hostel and guest house is at the foot of the Massada, overlooking the Dead Sea and the view of the marlstones. The guest house includes a private swimming pool. 91 rooms with A/C, shower and bathroom, T.V., mini bar and electric kettle. Lecture hall and 4 classrooms each seating 70, eq...
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Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

81 /100

Guest Rating

Dead Sea Adventure Hostel

The Dead Sea Adventure Hostel is located in the desert town of Arad - the best location for reaching both the Dead Sea and Masada with public transport or by car. We offer shuttles to the Dead Sea and Masada, and a variety of eco, cultural, and extreme tours including rappelling, caving, canyoning,...
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The Dead Sea

Jerusalem The Dead Sea I remember myself at 14 years old, at the geography class, listening to my professor talking about the Dead Sea and saying to myself “You will visit this place, sooner or later!”. Of course, after a while, some other things became important to me, but idea of visiting the lowest point on planet Earth was always there. The next interesting thing about it was the percentage of salinity (judging by Wikipedia, it’s 34.2%) and the fact you can float. I’m not talking about trying to float, but it is completely impossible to swim, no matter how hard you try.

Katarina Stojanović

5-Day Intensive Israel Tour

I travelled in mid-January, which is considered Israel’s rainy season, though coming from Scandinavia I found the weather quite enjoyable. I spent 2 full days in Jerusalem, 1 day at the Dead Sea, and 2 days in Tel Aviv where I flew in and out of. I stayed at Jerusalem Hostel and Old Jaffa Hostel, both of which are in a prime location, have a traditional breakfast included, and helpful staff. I am 22 and healthy so I walked a LOT but if you have layered clothing, your walking shoes and good health then you can also squeeze a lot out of Israel in just 5 days and 5 nights!

Jamie Linnea Luckhaus

Israel: Ein Gedi & Eilat

Day 10 was quiet, but it turned out to be exactly what I had needed. I spent most of the day relaxing and regrouping in and around the incredibly beautiful hotel here in Ein Gedi. The hotel has access to mineral pools, swimming pools, the dead sea itself as well as a Turkish hammam bath (kinda like a steam room with running water into buckets and tables to lie down on). Naturally, I tried everything, and it was HEAVEN. The dead sea was so calm. There is no life in the water (because of its high salt content, hence “dead” sea), and there are no boats on the water (because the salinity would corrode all metal parts). Also, to avoided possible health issues from being in the water too long, people shouldn’t spend more than 15/20 minutes in the water. This in turn means that the beaches are also quiet, as people come and go fairly quickly. The combination of these factors makes this body of water unlike any other I’ve ever seen or been in. It was surreal, to say the very least. The ground leading up to and continuing beneath the water was salt rock. Hard, rough, and slippery. Floating in the sea was nothing short of amazing, and it turned out to be what can only be described as a “healing experience”. Within seconds of entering the water your skin feels different. Afterwards, cuts begin to heal quicker and skin blemishes begin to fade. I can only describe it as magic, and if I had it my way I’d start off every day for the rest of my life with a dip in this water.


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