Hong Kong China Travel Guides for Backpackers

Places to Visit in China from From Beijing To Hong Kong

My journey to China started several years ago when I visited Chinatown, the Chinese district in London. Chinatown, London Chinatown©Elena Lavrova Chinatown©Elena Lavrova London’s Chinatown is located in the heart of the city, and it is incredibly easy to get ‘from Europe to Asia’ just by turning from an adjacent street into the quarter itself. I always liked watching narrow streets of Chinatown, with their hieroglyphs coming to life, sensing the scents of Oriental food gradually filling the air… Every time I come to London, I visit this “little China”, and every time I find it more fascinating however, with […]
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11 Things for travellers to do in Hong Kong

People who like travelling as I do will always like to go and to see the world. Some people like to stick with tourist attractions, some people like to relax and enjoying indoor services, some people like to backpacking and get themselves busy on exploring new places in other countries. I believe the mean of travelling we visitors share is escaping from ordinary life and hoping to SEE something DIFFERENT. Stereotypical Hong Kong & Traveling value Have you ever spent time exploring in your city? Have you ever stopped for sometime appreciating beautiful things around? How well do you know about […]
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Tips to Travel Hong Kong

The definitive list of must-knows before you visit the city of skyscrapers. When I was 21 I moved to Hong Kong for five months – and I can say without a doubt it was the most exhilarating five months of my life. The city is a hub of excitement, and I can’t recommend travelling there enough. Below are all the things I wish I had known when I first stepped foot into this amazing city. Octopus Card First things first. The Octopus Card is a must for all visitors – this card costs HK$50 (a refundable deposit), and will be […]
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6 Cool Spots To Visit In Hong Kong

Kicking off my first-ever post with a Hong Kong trip with friends! I never got to write about this, especially since we flew over there on a tight budget (we spent roughly $250 for the entire trip), so now’s a good time as any. For those who might not know, Hong Kong is a small island in southeast China known for its breathtaking cityscapes and fast-paced lifestyle. I had originally pitched Cambodia or Bali but my friends decided on HK because 1.) it was only an hour away from Manila and 2.) we couldn’t afford to fly anywhere else. In […]
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A Welcome Travellers Guide to Hong Kong

WELCOME TO  HONG KONG! Have you ever been to Hong Kong? Well I had just been there, and I would like to share few simple guides after my experiences of 5 days in Hong Kong. Its not much, but as a new traveller to this place, its good enough for me, and I hope it will benefit others too. So here  it goes! Hong Kong city center view from Victoria Peak THE HANDY OCTOPUS Yeah, once you got to Hong kong, you definitely need an octopus. Not the living, eight arms slimy buddy. But the Octopus […]
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