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Gibraltar: The Rock With Many Mysteries

Located in the farthest southern point of Spain, Gibraltar lays just above the equator and only a 45 minutes ferry from Morocco. Gibraltar is a small British colony with a population of approximately 30,000 people and a massive lime stone rock. That is why it is known as “The Rock” and you can see it in the picture provided. Gibraltar averages 25-degree weather all year round and it's sunny during most days of the year, when it does get cold however, it can get as low as 10 degrees, that's extremely freezing for us! Why visit Gibraltar? It is a […]
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Sailing the Strait of Gibraltar

Where? Gibraltar Ceuta (Spanish Morocco) Estepona When? August – Hottest month, averaging 25°C January – Coolest month, averaging a mild 14°C We travelled in August can be very hot when venturing inland, however out on the water the wind tends to cool you down and you don't notice the heat of the sun. Strait of Gibraltar The strait of Gibraltar is a narrow stretch of water joining the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea, it separates Spain and Gibraltar from the most northern African country, Morocco, and the Spanish city of Ceuta which borders Morocco. At the narrowest point it is […]
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Gibraltar in a Day – A Taxi on the Edge

Gibraltar, a little piece of the UK clinging stalwartly to the bottom of Spain. The great Rock looks out over a narrow Straits of Gibraltar, where the north coast of Morocco lies only 14km away and well-visible on pretty much any day. This passageway is Pillars of Hercules; ancient gateway to worlds unknown. Around the rock is a tight skirt buildings that form Gibraltar’s town. There’s not much room to breathe here, trapped between the Rock and the extensive port that brings in a great part of the area’s income. But this lack of space is what makes Gibraltar so incredibly […]
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