Ghana Travel Guides for Backpackers

Great Spots to visit when in Ghana

Thinking of planning a trip to Ghana for a summer vacation, a holiday or a getaway from stress but you are not sure of the places to visit while you’re here? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who was born and raised here, I think it’s fair enough to say I have some knowledge of really cool places you can visit while you are here. Ghana is a beautiful country. Located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, it is a country blessed with vegetation, wildlife, minerals such as gold and bauxite, really cool beaches, diverse […]
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The great city of Accra

Palm trees along the coast Fieldwork in Ghana As a social and cultural anthropology student, we were 'forced' to go abroad and do fieldwork for our Master's research. Obviously, anthropologists like to see the world and get to know cultures so no one complained. After an intense process of choosing my destination (I considered Mexico, Venezuela, India and Ethiopia…), and more importantly, the topic of my thesis I took off for a three-month adventure in Ghana. Celebrating NYE 2015-2016 in Accra and skipping Dutch winter.Before going on fieldwork we established a research plan that consisted of a […]
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The Ghana Diaries: Sunset at Tawala Beach

Two guys wandering in the West African planes of Accra Ghana and ending up on Tawalla beach for an uplifting African beach party, might not be such an incredible story. It does become the case, however, when these young men are missionaries sent from a catholic diocese from overseas to spread the word of God to young African youths, living in a parish and living according to the Lord’s expectations. How it began. This incredible story originates from Gozo, Malta. Alan and I are music enthusiasts (Alan the prolific guitarbass player, percussionist and vocalist, and I the DJ (The Wobis Duo) and whilst […]
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