El Salvador Travel Guides for Backpackers

Experience Conchagua Volcano in El Salvador

One of the greatest natural attractions of El Salvador is its volcanoes and Conchagua volcano is not the exception. Conchagua volcano is one of the most visited volcanoes by salvadorans and tourists, and that’s because the volcano is right at the east limit of El Salvador, where you can have an amazing view of the Gulf of Fonseca and its islands from the top. You can enjoy the nature and chill weather at all seasons. You can also see part of Honduras and Nicaragua from the top of the volcano and if you feel adventurous you can take a boat […]
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Los Cóbanos, the reef Beach in El Salvador.

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, identified for its abundant natural areas, the beautiful sceneries, impressive volcanoes, enchanting lakes, and singular beaches. Certainly one of the most unique is Los Cóbanos Beach in the Sonsonate department of El Salvador. The particularity of this beach, firstly, it’s the stunning golden sand that distinguishes it, which is not common in other beaches. However, the most prominent feature is the shore, a rocky reef, the most extensive in the North Pacific by the way. For that reason, this ecosystem, that has significant biodiversity of corals, invertebrate animals, and fish, it […]
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San Salvador's Bucket list from a local

San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador, with a comfortable average temperature of 23C all year round. As part of a tropical region, it only has two seasons. The dry season is fairly dry and goes from mid-October to April. The rainy season, from May to October, is characterized by monsoons that can last for a couple of days. Culture-wise, this Central American country shares a similar history of Spanish colonization with the rest of Latin America, hence, the main spoken language is Spanish. In the capital city, it does not take too long to appreciate the Spanish […]
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5 Reasons to Travel to El Salvador in 2019

Hello Everyone! Have you started planning your vacation for next year? Are you trying to decide whether to go to a paradisiac beach or reconnect with yourself up in the hills? Well, then you are in luck because in this article I’m going to share with you a place that has both at the same time plus is one of the cheapest places you might travel to. Welcome to: El Salvador I would like to start with the fact that I’m a hundred percent Salvadoran, so you are getting all this information from first hand, also I have lived in […]
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The 7 best places to visit in El Salvador

El Salvador is a country in the American continent, specifically in the Central American region. It has a host of places that delight the eyes of anyone. If you want to travel to this country or just want to know a little about this amazing place, you have come to the right place. On this occasion, I will show you the best 7 best places to visit in El Salvador. The election has been really difficult because there are so many wonderful places, but here they are. 7. The Plans of Renderos I decided to start with a place that […]
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El Boqueron National Park – El Salvador

The beginning of the adventure I have visited El Boqueron National park twice, and I must say it always amazes me how beautiful it is. The first time I went there was more than ten years ago, and I remember climbing through many lanes and everything being so dusty and not very organized. This second time, I walked in with a whole new perspective, I noticed a lot of things had changed and everything had a modern touch. I have to say I really enjoyed visiting the volcano, and I hope that my adventure encourages more people to go take […]
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