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Kozjak hill and Mosor mountain

If you are mountain, see, city or sport person you will find your way around easily. There is something for everyone. In Kastela you can take a walk from the beginning to the end of the city; it is best seen in length by the sea because of the sightseeing. All forts are located in this area and the walk lasts around an hour. As I said before, none of our coastal cities aren’t that large and all of them are walkable. Above Kastela there is a hill Kozjak and it’s a great outdoor adventure even for the lazy ones. It is easy to get to and has several points where you can go to and not all of them are on the top. If you decide to go to the top, feel free because it is not demanding – the highest point is around 800 meters. If you’re feeling optimistic or just love trekking, try Mosor – the mountain between Split and Kastela, it is truly amazing and the view is absolutely gorgeous – you can see entire city of Split, Kastela and Solin from above and even some of the islands. If you are more adventurous person there are several agencies for outdoor activities such as climbing, paragliding etc. It is shame that outdoor activities aren’t that popular around tourists or maybe there are not enough resources or promotion on that matter, but my advice is if you’re into it you should definitely give it a chance. Combination of mountains and the sea is a big part of coastal Croatia magic. Why not watch the sunset from above enjoying fresh air and nature? If nothing it is worth of thought.


Central Dalmatia

Further south traveler encounters cities Trogir, Solin and Split, all located in the Kaštela bay. Trogir has a beautiful center located on a small island just off coast, and is crawling with historic architecture from Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance periods. A large concentration of different styles located on a very small surface is a place that every architecture fan should visit. Solin is best known for the ruins of a great ancient Roman city of Salona where You can visit the remains of the city’s thermae and amphitheater, and is considered by legend to be the birthplace of Roman emperor Diocletian.

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