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Xingping Hi Grey Hostel

91 /100

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Xingping Hi Grey Hostel

Hi Grey Hostel industrial design style is contracted, native and combination containing beds, standard rooms, bars and restaurants, big bed, bed is tasted to provide practical, comfortable, considerate, spare parts and services, has a thick atmosphere of backpacking trip, and additional outdoor, 'Qi...
Xingping Hi Grey Hostel is a hostel in Xingping. Check Hostelworld for prices.


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Guangxi province/ Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Most tourists fly/take a train to Guilin then take a small boat/bamboo raft on the Li River to get to Yangshuo. You can also hike from Yangdi to Xingping or vice versa. It is a scenic hike with breathtaking views of the Li River and the surrounding mountains. If you check the back of the 20yuan bill, you will see the same view as the cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. Once you get to Yangshuo, you can rent a bike for cheap and cycle around the small picturesque town to see the Moon Hill and the caves. You can also take a mud bath and go rock climbing.

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