Bolivia Travel Guides for Backpackers

The Gem of the Andes: Eduardo Abaroa National Reserve, Bolivia

While the Andean mountains are renowned for their spectacular beauty and multiple touristic attractions throughout the entire range, there is one place that really stands out for me and is, undoubtedly, nature’s real masterpiece. It is Eduardo Abaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve in Bolivia. With its diverse and out-of-this-world landscapes composed of rugged mountain peaks, high altitude deserts, weird stone formations, and multi-colored lagoons, this stunningly beautiful park will surely be one of the most remarkable highlights of your South American adventure. The location Situated at an altitude between 4200 and 5400m in the Southwestern part of Bolivia next to […]
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Top 5 Must-See Places in La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is a unique city, located at the heart of Bolivia in the middle of the Andean mountains, lies a multi-layered hive of culture, history and innovation. It’s easy to get lost in the chaotic traffic or the never-ending streets, but if you plan carefully, you can see these five not-to-be-missed places in the labyrinthine city. 1) The El Alto Market (known as La feria 16 de julio) Visiting the market in El Alto (the sister-city to La Paz that lies on the top-most layer of the city, over 3400 metres above altitude) is like entering a bazaar from […]
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The Best Clubs and Bars in La Paz: Nightlife at Altitude

Welcome to La Paz, Bolivia: a cultural fusion of indigenous, colonialist and commercial influences. The city is set in the mountains at the heart of South America and offers stunning views, cheap cable car rides and so much more… After a busy day travelling the city by cable car or maybe cycling down the thrilling Death Road, you might find you fancy a couple of drinks, but where should you go? Where are the good places to party in La Paz? It’s too tiring to trek around the city searching for the top spots, especially at this altitude, but if […]
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The Top 6 Things To Do in Sucre

Plaza 25 de Mayo Why not make Sucre your next Travel Destination Not being much of a planner, I often arrive at my next travel destination not knowing what to expect and Sucre, in Bolivia was no exception, however, I instantly fell in love with this quaint little city. Sucre is located in south central Bolivia and is fast becoming a popular destination for travelers and justifiably so. Whether you plan a quick trip or extended stay, this city has much to offer. The colonial architecture, plazas and parks, bustling central markets, and the amazing people […]
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Bolivia: Salteñas and Salt Flats

There is something magical about traveling; going to an unknown place with an oftentimes different way of viewing the world and with its own cultural and natural wonders. One of my favorite parts of traveling is wandering; exploring sites of interest that are on and off the beaten path is one of the things that excites me the most. A view from above. Part I: La Paz Exploring a City in the Clouds Two weeks ago, I traveled to Bolivia for the first time. Picture this: as the plane descended into La Paz, one could see […]
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Exploring Lake Titicaca

Bolivia and Peru are two neighbouring South American countries that share as many similarities as they do stark differences. Both boast incredibly varied landscapes. From lush jungles teeming with plant and animal life, to baron deserts that stretch for miles, to gorgeous expansive beaches, to perilous, rocky snow capped peaks, valleys and mountains, some with cities and towns built right into them. If you travel by bus through either of the countries for a mere few hours, you'll be bombarded with a shocking amount of different kinds of natural beauty. On the border that the countries share lies the enormous, […]
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