Belarus Travel Guides for Backpackers

Saint Petersburg – Practical Information

Saint  Petersburg is often called a Venice of the North. Indeed such a great number of splendid architecture, spread along the river banks can be seen just in these two places in the world. But this enormous city is often confusing, especially for foreigners who do not speak the Russian […]
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Why Ukraine is perfect choice for an exotic trip

Ukraine is the largest country in the region, but at the same time, it is the unknown heart of Europe. Now Ukraine is famous with boxers Klitschko, football player Schevchenko, Eurovision in 2005 and in 2017, with two revolutions – Maidans in 2004 and  2013-14 and known for undeclared war […]
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Marvellous Melbourne

    Insert catchy intro here! From all the places I've been to so far (which are not that many, to be honest), Melbourne (pronounced Melb'n) is definitely my favorite. Located in the heart of Victoria, it is the ideal place to start your trip to Australia. Before I go […]
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