Azerbaijan Travel Guides for Backpackers

Meet Azerbaijan: what to see in Baku and the surbubs

Azerbaijan is not а big country located close to Turkey, Iran and Russia. The capital city is Baku – one of the oldest and greatest cities of the Middle East. Baku is located at the coast of the Caspian Sea. I didn’t appreciate the city beaches and decided not to swim in the quiet dirty Sea in spite of the hot weather. But locals assert that you need to know just the right places. In past Azerbaijan was one of 15 republics of the Soviet Union and Baku was the important industrial scientific and cultural centre of the USSR. After […]
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Shaki, one of the must see places of Azerbaijan

Caucasus is a unique region situated between Europe and Asia, which includes in itself several countries with various cultures, histories, arts and religions. The country Azerbaijan, in a sense, is one of the luckiest countries, to be situated in Caucasus. Because this is where East and West meets, where the cultures are mixed, this is where there is a perfect climate for the most fruits, and vegetables. And this country appears to be my motherland. Here in Azerbaijan, there are lots of interesting things to be seen, each city of the country is beautiful differently, for its cultural monuments, art, and […]
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