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Top 5 Best Beaches in Aruba

One Happy Island – Beautiful Beaches and Clear Waters Aruba is a small but beautiful island located in the Caribbean Sea, South America, near Venezuela and Curaçao. It is known for its clean beaches, its outstanding natural landscapes, and fun nightlife. I have had the opportunity to visit this magical place twice, and after doing a lot of sightseeing and exploring the entire island, I’ve come up with a Top 5 Best Beaches list to guide beach lovers and tourists and to help them decide which beaches to visit during their stay, according to their preferences. Every traveler has its own favorite beaches and touristic sites, but in my view, these are Aruba’s Best Beaches: 1. Eagle Beach This is the most famous beach in Aruba, which has been voted Best Caribbean Beach several times. This little piece of paradise is great for swimming or to just lay on the sand and relax, and if you love watersports, then this is also a great reason to visit this place. There are numerous watersports centers where you can book a ride on waverunners or where you can do other activities such as parasailing, kayaking, waterski, among others.   Go for a walk by the shore and feel the soft white sand as you enjoy the view: on one side you will see the beautiful clear water of the Caribbean Sea, and on the other side you will see the fancy structures of Aruba’s most elegant hotels and resorts. This beach tends to be very crowded (though it really depends on the season) and each hotel has its own private area for its guests, but don’t worry! Eagle Beach is always open to the public and there’s always an available spot to spend your day at this beach. 2. Arashi Beach Located on the northwest coast of Aruba, Arashi Beach is one of the most relaxing and calm beaches of the entire island. There’s no need to worry about big waves or strong currents, which is the reason why people love snorkeling and swimming there. If you’re a snorkeling fan, you will definitely want to check out the wonderful elkhorn corals and the marine life that can be seen under the calm waters of Arashi Beach: starfish, little and colorful fish, eels, among other species. One of the best things about this place (and of Aruba’s beaches in general) is that you don’t need to be a professional diver to explore the impressive underwater world. In Arashi Beach, it is not really necessary to dive far to see the corals, and since this is a very calm beach with almost no big waves, it is also very safe to do this kind of activities there. Another interesting fact about Arashi Beach is that not only will you be able to enjoy a peaceful beach with beautiful corals, but you’ll also see one of Aruba’s most important sights: The California Lighthouse. 3. Baby Beach This southern beach is famous for its calm and shallow […]

Aruba, One Happy Island

  Aruba has been my home for the last 2.5 years, I truly enjoyed the place from the very beginning. One of the highlights of this beautiful island which will remain in my memories and always bring a smile to my face is the particular way the wind blows, that amazing breeze, made me realize I was exactly where I needed to be. Get Started Needless to say, if you are in need of a getaway from the cold  weather or just a get away from your regular day to day,  Aruba is one of your best options. I am not a big planner I have to say, but I am a bit impulsive and an opportunity taker, being impulsive does not always turn out good in other aspects of my life but when it comes to traveling you just have to decide to do it, everything else will fall into place and there will never be regrets! So just pick some days and make that decision.  If you decide to travel alone, no worries, people are really friendly over there, you will have a great time and most likely make some new friends as well. I am a big fan of diversity therefore I love meeting new people from different backgrounds, is one of the things that reminds me that life is amazing. I am sure there are different travel agencies that can make your trip easier, I always choose booking directly and figure little by little what to do there, that is because I am flexible with my choices. Thee are only a couple of restaurants that in two cases you have to book in advanced. One is if you are traveling with a big party and the other one if you are traveling during holiday season, like Christmas, New Years or any sort of event like that. Accommodation  There are different options depending on your budget, there are two main areas you want to stick to, closer to the action. High and Low rise areas. The most known as the high rise area: if you stay here you can walk pretty much all over for breakfast, lunch, dinner, party and activities. Certain famous restaurants are located 10-15 min by taxi from anywhere you stay. Is a small island so you can choose just to take a cab in case you decide to go there. The low rise: a bit more quiet, you will probably have to take cabs for most of the places except the beach. I rented a house, sharing with two friends, this is a great option specially if you are staying a bit longer, you get to enjoy the island from a local perspective and not just as a tourist, definitely my way of traveling. Most likely you will have to rent a car as well, you can also rent a bike, but remember is really hot!   Getting around If you are adventurous renting a car may be a good option, if so, do […]

Aruba: Paradise Found

Where in the World is Aruba? I am in the Dentist's chair and he is drilling away.  I try with all my might to go to my “happy place”.  My mind drifts to soft breezes, beautiful turquoise waters, gorgeous scenery and the smell of the sea.  For me this “happy place” is Aruba.  Aruba is one of the ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.  These Islands have a Dutch heritage and are located approximately 18 miles off the coast of Venezuela.  Each of these islands is beautiful, unique and definitely worth exploring, but Aruba holds a special place in my heart.  Aruba is approximately 20 miles long and 6 miles wide.  It is located outside of the hurricane belt and has an average temperature of 82 degrees year-round.  Pretty darn near perfect I would say.  The Aruban florin is used here but the dollar is accepted just about anywhere.   Even though this is a tourist destination and can have that touristy vibe that can sometimes be annoying, there are many qualities that will satisfy the adventurer as well. What makes this Island so Special? Aruba is a photographers dream.  You really can't stop taking pictures.  On one side of the island, the impossibly blue-green water is calm and perfectly swimmable.  On the other side, it is wild, untamed and beautifully dangerous.  Driving in Aruba is pretty easy.  The roads are mostly well maintained and easy to navigate.  Although some of the roads are not well-marked, getting a map from any hotel lobby showing some landmarks will make it easy to find where you are going.  Beaches are all public, even the hotel beaches.  I love this because they are all so beautiful and perfect for any kind of beach day you might like to have whether its a crowded, party-like atmosphere or a secluded spot for two.  One beach seems completely dedicated to wind-surfing and paddle boarding.   Lessons can be arranged and it is spectacular to watch. A surprise for us was that Aruba is dry and desert-like in some areas.  There are scrubby little bushes and 10 foot tall cactus.  There are goats and donkeys roaming freely in some areas.  Sand dunes for off-roading and beautiful Divi Divi trees delicately carved by the constant sea breezes. There is truly something for everyone here.  Water sports of every variety are readily available.  Foodies will find some great restaurants and families will find their favorite fast-food chains.  There are beautiful hotels and casinos, great entertainment and best of all miles of beautiful beaches. Let's Get Specific. I want to share some highlights of the Island with you and in the next section give you my top five pics for must do budget-friendly activities. Orangestad Orangestad is the Capital of Aruba.  It is a colorful City of pastel  buildings and original Dutch-influenced architecture.  There are fewer options for lodgings in this area  but the vibe is fantastic.  Renaissance Plaza offers is a fantastic open-air venue for outdoor entertainment.  The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival is held here every year around October and boasts world class entertainment.  There is a trolley […]
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