Albania Travel Guides for Backpackers

Pogradec, a place that will make you want to come back

Pogradec is a city that holds in itself many beauties and treasures. As a person who was born and raised here, I can say that my favorite thing about Pogradec is the peace nature offers. As you go for a walk by the lake, or climb the mountains nearby and see the entire city, you should stop for a second, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You will see yourself filled with a peace that will make you forget for a few seconds the world or anything around you. You will discover a desire to just enjoy life. […]
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Why you should go to Albania (and why you’ll love it)

I have recently had the opportunity to cycle around Europe, from Italy to Greece – and on my way, I unexpectedly met what is certainly a forgotten gem like no other at the border of Europe: Albania. Before entering the country, we had been warned against the dangers we’d supposedly encountered, which simply happened to be clichés conveyed about an unknown nation. Yes, it may be difficult to get accustomed to Albanian narrow streets, confusing road rules and wild dogs, but if you want to experience something entirely new and get to discover a preserved place, believe an adventuress who […]
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Surprising Durrës: ancient ruins among modern buildings

DURRËS IN ONE DAY: WHAT TO SEE My boyfriend and I decided to go to Durres for the 1st May long weekend. We decided to go there besides everyone told us that Durrës isn't a beautiful city to visit, rather it isn't at all. But we decided to go there because of the sea, and we thought that it could be nice to visit it before the season starts: we have been told the city turns in one of the most touristic of the Albanian coast. After that, if you live in Kosovo (as we do) and you don't own […]
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