Berlin: bargain paradise for treasure hunters

In Germany

      This post I would like to devote to unique shopping places in Berlin. For tourists who are visiting the place just for a couple of days or even for a week it is not a problem to buy something for memories at the normal shop of souvenirs. But if you are looking for something unusual and unique I would be happy to give you a piece of advice.  I have been living in Berlin for half a year as a student. So I managed already to find about the places for wise and interesting shopping. Before getting automatically in the first building with a catchy shopping you could plan it a bit before and enjoy more.

Hot season

 All over the world all the sales are dedicated to holidays. So Berlin is not an exception and you will contemplate a variety of colorful billboards and advertising bills with a melodical word “RABBAT!”. By the way, one more must-know word for “tourist lexicon” in Germany: “rabbat” means “sale”, good sign! Best period of sales – 2 weeks before Christmas and about 3 weeks after. During the whole January you will see crowds of people around chilling out and doing shopping. Even if your trip is planned for another time, don’t worry. In Berlin you one’s can find something to his or her particular passion and of course budget.

Land of honey and milk

    Obviously, there is bunch of luxurious boutiques and pretentious shopping malls in Berlin where money talks. If you are not on a shoestring budget you could surely make your way to the central shopping area of the German capital. Expensive, elegant, grandiose. Let’s start from the very central street – Friedrichdtraße. Big city life spirit is over there. Just head your heels straight away from Friedrichbahnhof and here we are.  Internationally famous island of shopping is situated directly here. Galeries Lafayette, voila! 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

    Not enough? Don’t worry, Berlin could proudly claim itself as one of the fanciest capitals of Europe. Let’s go further to Kurfürsterdamm. This avenue has got a status of the most glamours street in Berlin. Especially in winter you will be fascinated by its magnificent decorations and interior of fancy shops. This would be a genuine paradise for those who are keen on pompous brands  and must have some money to burn. Here you will ponder upon splendent shopfronts of Gucci, Armani, Prada, Burberry, Karl Lagerfeld etc.

   Like a white crow in this ocean of glamour you could find here an island of spiritual sublimity – Literaturhaus. I would highly recommend to drop in and enjoy a cup of coffee in this wondrously cozy place: Cafe-Restaurant “Wintergarten”. During the week Literaturhaus Berlin is a home to different cultural, literature and art events. Pass by if you will have some time!

Location: Fasanenstraße 23, U-Bahn Uhlandstraße.
Working hours: Cafe-Restaurant “Wintergarten” 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. daily.

   Than you can walk by foot directly to another shopping street of Berlin – Wittenbergplatz. The longest shopping street in Berlin with a variety of international brands and different price categories. In the nearby there are some currency exchange services as well.

Location: U-Bahn Kurfürsterdam/ Wittenbergplatz.
Working hours: predominantly 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.,  Mon. – Fr., 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sat.
!Keep in mind that all the shops in Germany are closed on Sunday!

And we are going further. Any book-lovers?  Here we go. Let’s make our way to Friedrichstraße.

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     Dussmann – a big cheese among the all bookstores in Germany. A huge four-storeyed building will not leave you indifferent. Even if you don’t have a precise desire to buy a book, you will feel this incentive inside. Bunch of literature in different languages, English book store, design and interior department… Besides, the whole floor is divided to music: plates, CDs, DVDs, music equipment. All of high quality, but obviously not of low price.

Location: Friedrichstraße 90
Working hours: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

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Treasure island – flea market at the Bode Museum

    In case you don’t want to plump for international brands pay attention to the information below.  It is too boring and too mainstream to bring an ordinary magnet or a memory cup to your friends, isn`t it? Are you looking for something more extraordinary? Welcome to the Berliner flea market! Here you can pinch a penny and find really unique stuff. One of the most popular and worth visiting flea market is located directly in the heart of Berlin. In the central part of Berlin (Stadtmitte) it is impossible to pass over Museum Island, where the pearls of world history and eternal art are situated. After visiting one of the most spectacular museums in Berlin you are invited to embark on treasure hunting in the nearby. Flea market is located just outside the Bode Museum and is setting up along the whole riverbank.

     A variety of books of different kinds are waiting for you there. For example, a huge boxes with unique literatures for 1 Euro. Amazing! Rare collections of paintings and maps are up for grabs too. Don’t hurry up to buy expensive books of art history in the museum. At this flea market you can have a pure chance to hit the jackpot. Just for comparison: regular price in the shop 50-100 EUR, here is downsized to 10-20 EUR. Old polaroid for 120 EUR. Old typing machine for 150 EUR. By the way, you can talk to extremely interesting bargainers and find out a lot about this antique stuff. People are very friendly and extraordinary there. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Attention, attention, girls! Are you fed up with commonplace jewelry shops? It is not the right time to spend bunch of money for Pandora, Swarovski or Tiffani? Don`t worry! Berlin will offer you a unique deal to add something interesting to your treasure-box. Of course there some lame and weird things but be on the lookout to find your needle in the haystack.

Location: U-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße,
Working hours: Sat. – Sun., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Good luck, shopaholics!


Wie viel kostet es? – How much does it cost?

Where is a fitting room? – Wo ist die Anprobe?

Wir möchten bezahlen! – We would like to pay.

Ich nehme das. – I will take this.

Nein. Danke. Das ist mir viel zu teuer. – No. Thank you. It is too expensive for me.

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